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The Dirty Filthy Mugs record release party with Wrecking Dead and Lonesome Batz @ Juke Joint in Anaheim, CA.
By: De Fen
On March 12th The Dirty Filthy Mugs hosted a record release party for their new CD "Up In The Downs" on DC-Jam Records. This five piece band: Matt Wedgley (Vocals), Ace Facial (Lead Guitar), Timbecile (Squeezebox/Guitar), Joey Travers (Bass) and Conk! (Drums) played an energetic set of drunk punk/Oi that had kids romping and swingind wild all over the pit...er, dancefloor. If you're hella tiny or don't happen to appreciate wild moshing then I would highly recommend moving back a row or two cause as I mentioned they play very energetically and inspire all kinds of wild movements. Though, if you even happen to like Oi a teeny bit, do check these guys out as they are pretty quintessential like that. And they have a squeezebox, played marvelously by Timbecile who boasted midway through the set, "I am the Angus Young of the squeezebox." I would certainly agree as Timbecile shifted furiously between the squeezebox and guitar throughout the set.
What is a record release party without silly string? There was plenty of that. Dozens of cans of silly string were tossed into and fired off at the crowd. At one point the room became so thoroughly imbibed with carcinogens that vocalist Matt Wedgley declared, "You guys smell like chemicals...get out of here." I have to say, Wedgley (formerly of Viva Hate) is a dynamic front man. Wedgley was all over the stage and through the dance floor with well timed jumps. Each time Wedgley made his way into the crowd he was surrounded by fans which he graciously shared the mic with. Lead guitarist Ace Facial, who is responsible for much of the bands material was an equally dynamic force and a lot of fun to watch as strange as that may sound. These guys are completely synchronistic both musically and bodily. Their sense of humor and interactions were priceless. Watching The Dirty Filthy Mugs is much like watching a piranha frenzy in crashing waves...in place of blood, we have silly string. What? Yeah.
The Dirty Filthy Mugs are currently touring and I would def recommend fans of street punk/drunk punk/Oi checking them out and picking up a copy of "Up In The Downs" while your at it. Info can be checked at The Dirty Filthy Mugs website: http://www.dirtyfilthymugs.com/