A Short Interview With
Ace and Matt From
By Ginger Coyote
Punk Globe: I only hope I can live up to Tyler Vile and his interview with Dirty Filthy Mugs for Punk Globe.
MATT- I highly doubt that.
ACE- We'll see.
Punk Globe: I understand you have a new CD out on DC Jam Records. Tell us about it?
MATT- It's great.
ACE- Yes, you know that feeling you get when you hold your breath, pretending you're underwater but then realize there is no need, for you can breathe fantastically and without consequence? Well, I felt this while in the studio recording the album, and even now when I hear it.
Punk Globe: How did you hook up with DC Jam Records? Had you sent them a CD or did they approach you?
MATT- I honestly can't remember. Everything happened so quick! You know how the music industry is.
ACE- DC-Jam came to us and asked us if we wanted do an album after reading about us in Amp Magazine, I think.
Punk Globe: How did you come up with name of the CD? And has it hit the streets for the public to buy?
ACE- "All Yobs In" says it all, doesn't it?
MATT-I had no idea where the title came from but that shit should be available everywhere. The kids are going ape shit for All Yobs In!
Punk Globe: I know that I have reviewed some of your past recordings and was every impressed.. Can we expect the same sort of energy in this release?
MATT- You shouldn't expect anything from us.
ACE- That's exactly why we don't let Matt do interviews! Yes Ginger Coyote, expect the energy.
Punk Globe: How would you best describe your sound?
MATT-It's great.
ACE- Yes. With strong hints of rad.
Punk Globe: Jimmy at Cockroach Media who does distribution for your new release says that The Dirty Filthy Mugs CD is doing great? Tell us more?
MATT- Jimmy's a great guy but he's gonna tell ya anything you wanna hear. His job is to hype the record. Of course he's gonna tell you it's doing great. so yeah... sure it is.
ACE- Are you going to be a ass twat the entire interview? You'll have to excuse Matt's cynicism. If Jimmy says it's doing well...
Punk Globe: Is there a certain prestige FM Radio Station who has requested copies of the CD?
MATT- I don't know of any prestige radio stations.
Punk Globe: Are you in heavy rotation yet?
MATT- From what I hear we're all over the place.
Punk Globe: Is the band excited about that?
Punk Globe: Do you also have tracks on the free MP3 Sampler from Cockroach Media ?
MATT- I don't know. Ask Jimmy.
ACE- Yes, we do. I've got some free download cards I'm going to give away at shows.
Punk Globe: Members of the Dirty Filthy Mugs all have been in other bands. Tell us the details of who is who and what they have done?
MATT- It's a secret.
Punk Globe: Any tours planned to support the new release?
MATT- Yeah we're headed to the east coast for a short trip at the end of June and we'll be hitting the road again soon after that.
Punk Globe: Any plans to tour abroad to Europe or Japan?
MATT-We would but Ace is afraid of flying.
ACE- No I'm not, you dick! He's kidding of course. No plans yet but We'll see what gives.
Punk Globe: Could you give the readers any website addresses and MySpace & Facebook addresses?
MATT- We have a page on myspace. It's www.myspace.com/dirtyfilthymugs I don't know what our facebook is.
Punk Globe: Tell us what is in store for 2010 with the band?
MATT- Well we've already recorded some new songs that we're planning on releasing on 7"s, compilations, shit like that. We'll probably make a new video too... and of course play a bunch of shows. Maybe we'll go to Europe or Japan like you said. That sounds like fun!
Punk Globe: Are The Dirty Filthy Mugs playing that huge skate show in the Midwest? If so tell us about it?
MATT- It's called Skatopia. Every great old school punk band is playing... and us. I think they're gonna have ramps and things for kids to role around on too.
ACE- Skating is life.
Punk Globe: Tell us about some of your favorite bands to play shows with?
MATT- I had a dream that we played with AC/DC and The Who. Those were my favorite bands to play with so far.
Punk Globe; Do you have any bets on who will win Dancing With The Stars.. Sadly Pamela Anderson was let go recently.
ACE- I'm a Civil War re-enactor so I've little time for TV.
MATT- I've never seen that show but everything about Pamela Anderson is sad.
Punk Globe: Any parting words for Punk Globe readers?
MATT- Get off yer asses, ya lazy !