Casey & Chkn
by Carl Macki

Photo Credit : Brad @ Team Goon / Big Wheel Media

Congratulations on the new record doing! How is it doing by the way?

Casey: Our record is doing fantastic; we got a great deal with really good people. The Suburban Noize crew is like a family to me.

Chckn:  We are getting really,  really good response so far. the thing i hear the most is people are stoked that it is punk rock and doesn't sound like an old tired band.

Did you grow up in Southern California--where were you born?

Casey: I was born in Orange, CA and grew up spending my summers in El Moro, CA (which is a beach just south of Corona Del Mar), and the rest of the year I would go back up to Fullerton, CA. In fact, every member
of D.I. (current line-up) grew up together and even attended the same school. I currently live with my son, Casey Jr, in Newport Beach, CA. In short, I've spent my entire life in Orange County. I have 2 sons; their
names are Max (17) and Casey Jr. (8). 

Chckn: I was born and raised in Orange County, born in Anaheim and grew up in Fullerton, where everything was centered earl on.

How about family? Do you have any kids?

Chckn: No I don't have any kids, that would be really fucked up for me to do to the gene pool.

Orange County has been such a great breeding ground for punk music. What is in the beer that you guys drank that made it so vital and important to the skate and punk scenes--I am sure that it is prototypical suburban--close to LA--and had nice weather were factors, but beyond that. . .

Casey: Milk is in the beer that influenced the skate & punk scenes. I LOVE milk (& don't forget the Oreos).  The perseverance of strong beliefs and the ideals of a visionary keep things in place.

Chckn: lol, the beer i drank, my favorite beer growing up was....yours.  Mine just never tasted as good.

You have been in some pretty groundbreaking bands--Social Distortion, The Adolescents, ADZ and D.I.--bands that have gone through a lot of personnel changes-- How have you personally managed to stay together and flourish throughout all this? Are you pretty stable and composed most of the time?

Casey: Yes, I am fairly stable, but with the inconsistencies of the world around me it is definitely a test in tolerance.

What is your workday like?

Casey: I surf; I love; I live!

Chckn: I have just recently quit work to go back to school, I am an addiction treatment counselor, and the program director for a treatment facility in Newport Beach called Newport Coast Recovery.

What do you like to do to relax?

Chckn: to relax? well i hang out w my dog a lot, a Siberian husky named Shooter...I write a lot, lyrics, other stuff

How do you spend your free time?

Chckn:  I spend most of my free time now going to shows, playing our own, and A LOT of time working on my house, remolding. Hanging out w friends too

Do you have a certain health routine? How about keeping your head together?

Casey: My health routine is good food, no hard drugs, and to be the best father I can be.

Chckn: I try to eat right, its tough because i dig eating candy and shit, but i work out regular, and go to my meetings where i see all the people that are doin' the same thing as me

Since 2002 the line up has been pretty stable hasn't it? And at your shows members of your old bands come up and play with you. Do you think of your past as glory days? Or are you a progressive, always getting better (usually)?

Casey: D.I. is always un-stably stable. Every member of D.I. have been friends all our lives.  I believe that DI is always getting better. The early days of DI were just the beginning.

Tell me what you want to accomplish with D.I. that you haven't already.  What about your personal goals for your music. 

Casey: I would like to challenge the world with logical progress, no matter how much it hurts. I love melodies and knowledge, the combination of the two will influence the future.

The Presidential elections are coming up next year. Do you think it's a waste of time to get involved in any party or candidate?

Casey: As far as the elections, look into their eyes (eyes are the window to one's soul).

Chckn: ummm, I don't party anymore

Are you concerned about global warming?

Casey: Absolutely, global warming is social disaster that needs to be corrected.

Chckn: It's fucking cold!

What are your thoughts on how technology has changed buying music?
Answer this as long or as short as you like.

Casey: The free online downloads SUCK for bands that are trying to make a lifestyle.  However, the social awareness benefits everybody (bands & fans).

Chckn: Hmm, I think its really good for consumers, and punk rock. But its hurting cooperate bullshit music bad. It uses to be you HAD to buy the record to hear it, unless you copied a cassette tape and then it
sounded like shit. I don't really give a shit if kids burn our stuff, Punk Rock is about accessibility, you know we dress alike, go to the same places, have the same dreams and needs. You cant say that for the
fans of hip hop or cock rock metal. They have become to detach from each other...fuck what kind of shit is it that if your fans get to close to you they might hurt you! I like what technology is doing. Everything always changes.


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