July 2017


diane and the gentle men
7" Review By: Jimi LaLumia

While at Bowery Electric, I was slipped a double A side 7 inch single by 'diane and the gentlemen' (yes, everything is non capitalized intentionally it seems) with two great ready for radio tunes,"Motorcycle" and "Boyfriend",and my head exploded; why aren't these tunes on the radio? After visiting youtube and a few other on line outlets, I found out that both sides of this single have been getting airplay on "Little Steven's Underground Garage' on Sirius XM and other new rock related programs worldwide. In the days that followed, it just became one of those obsessions , those records that you play again, and again, like when you were a kid.

It turns out that 'diane' is the same Diane who works at Bowery Electric, which led me to wonder why she herself wasn't up on stage with her band, who are all top shelf. Keep your eyes and ears open for this 'discovered treasure'; it never fails to delight me when this sot of thing happens, and I'm so glad that there are still venues in NYC where these sort of disc-overies can take place. Vinyl still rules!!

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