Reviewed By Chris Rockson




Vocals - Märta Larsson
Guitar - Dean Lewis
Bass - Steve Ives
Drums - Phil Whoare

"Baby take control, I wanna download on YOU......"


Loud, aggressive guitar sounds and an abrasive vocal mix make this band stand out from the crowd. The EP kicks off a real, true, working-class rocker 'Download', the title track of this release, it grabs your attention by the throat, kicks your ass, knees you in the balls, then leaves you quivering on the ground wanting more!!!!

Does rock 'n roll get any better?

Is this what rock ' roll is all about?

You bet it is!!!

Marta delivers a certain quality over the top of really gutsy punkrock guitar driven songs, and catchy choruses.....this is almost 1977 all over again for me!!

The songs aren't blasted out at 100 MPH either, there's a steadiness to the whole sound which helps deliver the listening to Iggy's 'Raw Power', these songs are well executed and well timed. They leave you wanting more and more and more, whether you fucking care or not. They don't!!!

'There's Something about you' is a mid-tempo blast in the head, with it's 'there's something about you.....there's something about you...there's something about you'....chorus and power-chord's all over too quickly...I want MORE!!!!!!


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