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"Devils Brigade"
Hell Cat Records
By: Lisa Booth
Devils Brigade have a Brand New self titled EP with a US Release Date: 08/31/2010 & Europe Release Date: 08/30/2010 by Hell Cat Records

California's East Bay Area Punk legend Matt Freeman & his side project with Tim Armstrong have come together to create "Devils Brigade" set to release via Hellcat Records.

Devils Brigade have been together since 2000, bassist Matt Freeman began writing songs with Tim Armstrong in between touring, Tim Armstrong & Matt Freeman both originating from Rancid and Operation Ivy originally wrote this to be a musical.!

Tim had been thinking of the idea of doing a musical about building the Golden Gate Bridge. The name was originally thought of as Half Way To Hell Club. They says "We grew up in the East Bay looking at that bridge and it has always been a part of our lives!" This was originally written for the bridge workers who fell off the bridge while it was being built, They fell into the safety net that was between them and the ocean.

In early 2010, Matt and Tim entered the studio with DJ Bonebrake from the L.A. punk band X and recorded twelve quick tempered songs
01 I'm Movin' Through
02 My Own Man Now
03 Shakedown
04 Bridge Of Gold
05 Darlene
06 Ride Harley
07 Who's Gonna Save You Now
08 Desperate Times
09 Vampire Girl
10 Gentleman Of The Road
11 Protest Song
12 Half Way To Hell
Bass player Matt Freeman and his side project have got together with a touring band to join them this Autumn when they hit the road with other mates "Street Dogs" on a US tour!.

Check their My Space for all other updates at www.myspace.com/devilsbrigadeofficial or you can take a listen to the album. check out tour dates at their facebook www.facebook.com/devils-brigade