by Darren Smith

November Tenth  NVMBR2004
Leading UK Punk, Goth, stars new opus

Third CD from the independantly minded Devilish Presley and there's no let up in the pace. This is the band who will not       allow themselves to be pidgeonholed. As tracks unfold, the band deliver another storming set of tunes steeped with references to former glories that only act as an indiciator of the future. All manor of music's historical references ("no one gets out of here alive") get name checked throughout the lyrics along with The Ramones, Joan Jett, Robert Johnson, Chuck Berry and  Frankenstein for good measure.   The opening "Prick up yuor ears" is a calling card for all that follows. "Robert Johnson" is a celebratory thank you to that artist, with the bands last single "Hammer Horror Glamour" acting as a thundering anthem that should have had clarion bells signalling its arrival.  Much rumoured next single "Black Glitter" talks about life on the scene in the UK today.

The CD completely alters kilter with "Trucks" when Jacqui Vixen takes over the vocals from Johnny Navarro, the effect is like witnessing a splinter group within a band, No solo albums from these two! "Boy on a fence" slows the pace down a piece, with the greatest chorus treatment ever, the pace revs back up on "Billy Rattlestick", whilst "In League with Elvis" continues the identification of the bands unique sound (early collectors note - there is a rare demo already doing the round on the compilation titled "Dead and Buried vol 2")

The CD ends "officially" with "Jukebox Hades" an autobiographical account of life as a Devilish Presley.  Look out for the unlisted bonus track at the end.  The band continues to experiment and grow with each new release and avenues are opened up to be explored both musically and lyrically whilst mantaining heir standards of power, and, originality.

Well worth a spin.

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