Nirvana of 2011?
Camden Bar June 8th 2011
By: Dutch Deadboy Michaels
After a sold out Camden Underworld Show in March of this year, with hordes of fans standing outside ticketless, why are D.R.U.G.S. performing at even a smaller venue?

There's also 3 support bands before we are aloud to sample the goods.

As I wrote in my last review of this band, there looks to be a lack of press..although the band seem to be doing very well by word of mouth and on the Internet without them.

Well as it turns out the London show was added as a warm up for the "K" (Kerrang) Awards, and the Download Festival. The show tonight is to be a little different as press invites were sent out to all but yours truly. Then all the left over tickets went public.

The Intro tape starts and the crowd roar to life, the tune is recognized as “The Only Thing You Talk About” Singer Craig Owen’s sings “WE ALL KNOW“ and the crowd just sing the whole song the energy is amazing, as they go into the next song “Stop Reading And Do Push Ups” Craig gets the audience to jump up and down, Bassist Adam Russell and the whole room follow suite. This is the late evening workout! At the end he thanks us for coming and tells us he loves these little interment shows.

This brings us to the audience participation song ( I gotta laugh as if you ever been to the show ,they all seem to be.) Craig asks the crowd when he points his finger in the air for everybody to shout “OH” then proceeds with a trial run which works. “My Swagger Has A First Name “ The Song kicks off with stage right Guitarist Nick Martin on vocals, and frontman Owen’s takes over at the chorus. D.R.U.G.S are having the time of there life with Nick falling into the crowd to be pushed back up on to the stage. The song finishes and Craig does a cheeky one and points in the air to get the crowd to go “OH” “Lamented E.T. Animal” I love this song and always look forward to it live. On this song the stage divers in venues where there is room to get on stage take over and Aaron (I cant stand still) Russell comes out for a wander in the audience. This evening due to shoehorn conditions Aaron came straight to the back of the room and jumped up on the bar, as usual no drinks spilt and not one note missed.

This is our second show in London and I like getting to spend more time over here says Craig, and then he goes on to say: This next song means a lot to me its taken 26 years to figure out what I am. This song is about working for yourself not anybody else! “Grave Yard Dancing” This Song is for people that cant mind their own business! Says Craig “Sex Life” The Crowd starts singing the song with Craig and when Adam & Aaron kick in Craig yells Get the Fuck up there and the whole crowd are jumping up and down once more. When we get to the chorus Craig shouts sing it and even the freeloaders kick in. This is another amazing gig ,I cant wait till they move it up to the bigger venues.

Nick introduces the next diddy...... “Mr Owl Ate My Metal Worm” We are thanked for an Amazing awesome show and told it means the world to the band, a cheeky girls shouts at Craig get your shirt off, Mr Owen’s replies: you want my shirt off, you take your shirt off! The crowd go wild and Craig tells them we can all take our shirts off' Alright Hands in the Air and into …. “Kiss and Tell” The Band leave the stage to the chanting of D.R.UG.S. D.R.U.G.S.D.R.U.G.S.D.R.UG.S.D.R.U.G.S.D.R.UG.S.D.R.U.G.S.D.R.U.G.S.D.R.U.G.S .

Encore... Everybody knows what the next song is going to be as the band return to face a frenzied crowd brought on by their music. How do you take it up to the next level? They Rip off their shirts “If You Think This Song Is About You” Well whatever NIRVANA got blamed for, D.R.U.G.S are taking it to the next level.