DESPERADO - Low Fidelity Crust Sessions:
by Anna Pirhana


I love desperado, and their Low Fidelity Crust Sessions" should be proof positive that passionate hardcore punk from a band two decades old still thrives. There is something desperate and passionate about their music, least of which has to do with the sometimes screaming, but most searching vocals of Thomas Ryjord.  Influenced by "...members' records collection and influences that shape the sound of Desperado..." all the songs are hard driving and hardcore, but each having a different sound with a sort of garage band feel.  The best cuts are  "Heritage From Hell", showing a bit more diversity in style, and the anthemy "All Hat, No Cattle", whihch has already appeared on three different compilations.   Hardcore sometimes gets lost in the sameness of style, but Desperado manages to transcend this stereotype by presenting something a little different around the corners.



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