May 2017


Celebrates 40 Years
Cemetery Junction
Cd Review By: Lisa Lunney

England's, DEMON return with a new studio album to celebrate their forty-year anniversary. Approaching their milestone anniversary, Cemetery Junction, will be the bands first studio album since 2012's Unbroken.

The full length album is now available to North American fans. Cemetery Junction does not disappoint. All 56 minutes are filled with the sounds DEMON have long been regarded for--rock propelled by outstanding vocals. DEMON is one of the best underground metal bands of this generation. Something about the music...something about the lyrics...it just pulls you in. They have their own sense of gravity that captures the listener in their clutches.

Formed in 1976, DEMON immediately found curiosity with the release of Liar, their first single. Their trilogy of recordings in the 80's, namedly Night Of The Demon (1980), The Unexpected Guest (1982), and The Plague(1983), are considered classics of the genre.

Band Members
Dave Hill (Vocals)
Ray Walmsley (Bass Guitar & Gultars)
David Cotterill (Guitars)
Paul Hume (Guitars)
Karl Waye (Keyboards)
Neil Ogden (Drums)

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