Demob/Billy Whizz
The Brunswick, Gloucester
by MCJ



Surprisingly for someone who lives in Gloucestershire Id never seen Demob.

 Back one step first on were Billy Whizz, white shirts, black ties, loyal branded following (Billy Whizz T shirts) nice smart young men as your mother would say! Well the start of the set soon put paid to that! The wall of wonderful noise got better and better as the sent went on, I hate comparisons, BUT they did bring to mind a band named after something you spread on bread as Mary Poppins would say.

Demob playing their hometown they owned the room, everyone was on their feet (and frequently on the stage). Suddenly double the number of people seemed to be in the room, the music was exciting  , fresh , original and delivered like the Police were at the door.

Demob defy comparison, the  boys are back go and see them


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