"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> DEHUMANIZERS
A Tribute To
"Retro As Hell"
P.I.G. Records
By: Ginger Coyote
1 We've Landed Blend Intro Dehumas With Amber
2 Fuck Off - Raw Power
3 Can't Sleep- Potbelly
4 Television- Luxury ESC
5 Need a Fix- Demoni
6 Planet of the Apes- Barista Suicide
7 Kill Lou Guzzo - Trauma
8 God Men of the Future- Reptilicus Maximus
9 Bring 'Em All Down- LSD Rexxx
10 Sing Through Me - The Upstairs
11 Mow 'Em Down- Coven
12 Cigarette Death - Crom
13 Everybody Fight- Citizen Useless
14 Grandma, I'm a Drug Fiend- Astrobalance
15 Again Alone (Medley): Bring 'Em All Down- RXGF
16 Please Be Quiet (You Dick!)- Howlin' Houndog
17 Listen Now! End of Time - Howlin' Houndog
P.I.G. Record from Des Moines, WA brings you this 17 song tribute CD to The Dehumanizers... I am not that familiar with The Dehumanizers but I am impressed by the bands paying tribute to them... I understand The Humanizers are a metal/punk band from Seattle... Stand outs are Fuck Off by Raw Power, Need a Fix by Demoni, Everybody Fight by Citizen Useless and Please Be Quiet (You Dick) by Howlin' Houndog.... All songs were written by Joe Daut, Infra ED, Zoli, Phil Bentz and John Mortenson... www.myspace.com/dehumanizers