By: Ginger Coyote
While working together in a factory, Marc and Alex meet each other for the first time in 2003. Both of them had the idea of playing music in a sleazy, hot and sexy punk rock n roll band. After writing lots of their own songs and a month of rehearsing in Alex's small flat, they were now seriously looking for a drummer to make the project perfect.. A couple of friends helped out playing drums when they recorded their first 4 song EP " No Pride, No Style, No Values" in 2004. After advertising in local music magazines , Daniel showed up in 2005 and became a permanent member of Defecation Area... Their first self- released album "Stiff Middle Fingers" was out in 2006. Their second LP "Alkopop" was recorded by Karsten Sulewsky, the guitar player for The Richies, who are one of the most famous punk rock bands in Duisburg Germany. "Alkopop" was released in 2008 which included 14 alcohol infused with punk rock. In 2010 Defecation Area appeared on 2 compilation CD's for Brown Bag Propaganda...

The 4 band spilt Album "War, Terror and Ice Cream", featuring The Olympians from California, Sick from Illinois, The Living Rejects (Germany) and Defecation Area (Germany) was released in 2010... The band played reams of shows nationwide sharing the stage with bands like Born To Lose, Bambix, LA Guns, Electric Eel Shock, V8 Wankers, SS-Kaliert and many more.. A repertoire up to 2 hours of fast and dirty punk rock songs always kick the audiences' ass. Nothing will stop Defecation Area.