October 2017


Deadly Sweet
(Col Cuore In Gola)
Cult Epics
DVD Review By: Jaime Pina

Based on the novel The Paper Tomb, this film has been described as a giallo but it has more in common with a film like Danger: Diabolik. Director Tinto Brass makes it a live action comic book by cutting to black and white in some scenes and even adding some flash card titles ala the Batman TV series whenever there is a punch up. Film freaks will enjoy the experimental bits and the performance by Ewa Aulin (Candy, Start The Revolution Without Me). She is a joy to look at and she waltzes through the film like she is really enjoying it even though her character is in peril.

Aulin stars as Jane and she meets Bernard played by Jean-Louis Trintigant (And God Created Woman, A Man And A Woman, The Great Silence) at a nightclub. A man is killed and Jane is caught near the corpse so she and Bernard hit the road. Throughout the film gangsters, the police and a rather nasty looking little person chase them.

Part of the appeal of the film is the high-energy inventiveness Brass injects into it. It’s fast paced, the stars are nice to look at and seem to frolic through all the danger and there is some great cinematography to go with the pop art stylishness of the film. It’s a fun flick and this Cult Epics release will please fans who have waited for a quality home video edition of the film. The extras include a trailer and English commentary by Brass. The film is presented in enhanced widescreen and is uncut and restored.

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