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Whoa! Flashback!
By Timm Carney.
I had a flash back in the Bay Area on February 4th. I went to see Flipper open for the Dead Kennedys. We missed the opening band the Destroyers but we didn’t miss a minute of the Dead Kennedys. I will admit I did leave during Flipper to go out and smoke. It was Flipper so I knew they would either be playing the same song when I got back or at least a song that sounded like it. Neither band is of course the original formation; many years, deaths and law suits have made sure of that. Flipper’s last two “songs” made the experience bearable. I loved hearing “Sex Bomb” live. What better way for a Flipper set to end? I have always said the best thing about Flipper is when they stop. There was a fairly short interval and the Dead Kennedys took the stage. I have seen many of their incarnations and at this point I am there to watch and hear East Bay Ray. The neo-Jello is fine but he really has a tough row to hoe so I give him a lot of credit. To be 100% honest I had visited the bar a multitude of times so I cannot say anything to pithy about their set other than they rocked.
The venue for the show was in Oakland at the Metro Opera House. I am a total fan of the venue and highly recommend checking this place out. It is in the Jack London Square area and we found parking right nearby. It too was a flash back of sorts. The Metro Opera House has a late 80’s early 90’s SOMA feeling. It is rough hewn and a lot of fun.