March 2017


Dax and Roxanne
Ticket To Rock
Review By: Valerie L

01 Ticket To Rock
02 Girl Next Door
03 House Of Nothing
04 Lust & Love
05 Leaving For Tomorrow
06 Wrong Side
07 Good Vibes
08 What Was
09 Wild Child
10 Hard Rockin' Man

Swiss rockers Daxx & Roxane are set to release their debut album "Ticket To Rock" on 10th March via Justice Brothers Records.
The 10 track album features the undeniable infectious grooves of title track ‘Ticket To Rock’, the gasoline fueled guitar hooks of ‘Girls Next Door’, the glitzy glam of ‘Wild Child’ and the anthemic Bon Jovi homage ‘Leaving For Tomorrow’, They also sound a bit like Guns n Roses...The album was recorded at Grange Farm Studios, Emneth, Cambridgeshie in July 2016.


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