"In The Bedroom with Ima Guetenbed and
from Davina And The Vagabonds"
I have had the GREAT opportunity of interviewing for this month's column of Punk Globe Davina Sowers from Davina And The Vagabonds. I want to thank her first for taking the time to give me her thoughts on life and how they came about. I first heard about them through Minnesota Public Radio and absolutely fell in LOVE with their music. So when she actually accepted to do an interview with me I was so happy to say the least and after you read it you will see why I feel the way I do. So lets get into the interview- I am calling my interviews with band members "In Bed with Ima Guetenbed" as if we are sitting on my bed just relaxed and chatting and having tea. Or something stronger- dependent on each person and their preference. So here we go:
Punk Globe: How did you come up with the name Davina and The Vagabonds?
Davina: "I, myself have been a gypsy , vagabond of sorts my whole life.. I never wanted to have my first name to be in the title of the band.. I just wanted a ďbandĒ Name ..like The Vagabonds.. My husband convinced me that my name should be added.."
Punk Globe: How many members in the band and where they are from?
Davina: Michael Carvale _ Trenton NJ
Dan Eikmeier _ St.Cloud MN
Ben Link _ St.Paul MN
Andy Artz _ ST. Paul MN
Davina Sowers _ Altoona PA originally , but lived in Key West for years
Punk Globe: Where all have you toured?
Davina: Switzerland, Romania, East Coast USA , Mid West USA
Punk Globe: How long have you all been together and who is your record label if you have one. If not are you looking for a record label? Do you have a Manager?
Davina: No record Label... I donít think I need a label at this time or in this generation of music business. We also do not have a manager either.
Punk Globe: What are your upcoming tour dates?
Davina: My website is SUPER updated" I personally suggest you go to
http://davinaandthevagabonds.com/ and click on SHOWS and that will give you the most UP TO DATE times and dates of their tour. If you have any questions you can always find out more information on this site.
Punk Globe: How many CD's do you have and who produced them?
Davina: We have four CDs produced all by my husband/upright bass player and I
Punk Globe: Who have been your greatest musical influences?
Davina: My greatest influences were Led Zeppelin, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Fats Waller, Melanie, Pre war blues, Pre war jazz, my younger younger years folk music, due to my moms influence (see was a folk singer) I went to a lot of underground punk shows in PA when I was a teen/pre teen. I think it gave me more of my spunk than music choices. I also dated some serious punk boys.. LOL! Too bad they couldnít handle me.
Punk Globe: What is your idea of Perfect Happiness?
Davina: No stress, just breathing
Punk Globe: What is your greatest fear?
Davina: Drugs and my past
Punk Globe: Which person living do you most admire?
Davina: My husband
Punk Globe: What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
Davina: My all or nothing attitude
Punk Globe: What is the trait you most deplore in others?
Davina: Ignorance/laziness
Punk Globe: What is your greatest extravagance?
Davina: The Beauty Parlor
Punk Globe: On what occasion do you lie?
Davina: I tend to try to tell the truth
Punk Globe: What do you dislike most about your appearance?
Davina: Everything
Punk Globe: Which word or phrase do you most overuse?
Davina: Fuck
Punk Globe: What is your greatest regret?
Davina: Wasting time with drugs
Punk Globe: What or who is your greatest love of your life?
Davina: My husband, my step sons, my cats
Punk Globe: What is your current state of mind?
Davina: Right now? Overwhelmed, Tired
Punk Globe: What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Davina: My Sobriety
Punk Globe: What is your most treasured possession?
Davina: My fatherís ring, and railroad badge. It was given to me when he passed.
Punk Globe: What is your lowest depth of misery?
Davina: Heroin addiction
Punk Globe: What is your most marked characteristic?
Davina: Physically, my eyes.. Personality...my assertiveness
Punk Globe: What do you most value in your friends?
Davina: Compassion
Punk Globe: Who are your favorite Author and who are your hero in real life?
Davina: Hemingway my hero's are people who have overcome
Punk Globe: How would you like to die?
Davina: As a hero
Punk Globe: Do you believe in reincarnation? If you were to die and choose what to come back as, what would it be?
Davina: Yes I do I would have to say a cat
Punk Globe: What is your motto in life?
Davina: I donít have one.. I just try to live it.

Well, I happen to be blown away with Davina and her answers to my questions. She is someone who has come through so much and is finally seeing her dream come true.

I cannot even begin to thank her for taking the time out her busy busy schedule to sit down and answer my questions. Davina And The Vagabonds are a group that you definitely need to keep an eye on because the more they get noticed and seen the more popular they are going to get.

Well if there is anything this teaches us, it is my motto: "Be sure to make your bed in the morning because you really have NO IDEA who is going to stop by that night."

Again I thank Davina for all her candor and impressing me even more by her great answers.

Be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter as Ima Guetenbed. Stay in touch with me, and let me know if you enjoy my articles. Also be sure to search for Davina And The Vagabonds on Facebook and on their own website http://davinaandthevagabonds.com/ you really want to watch them as they grow bigger and better all the time. They are headed in the right direction and all you music moguls out there be sure to book this band because they will draw in a crowd, with their great energy and drive to just put out great music.

I thank you all for reading and keep reading Punk Globe.

Kiss Kiss,

Ima Guetenbed ima.guetenbed@hotmail.com