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David Denny


David Denny’s one man musical monologue: 
While touring in Texas with the Steve Miller Band in 1970,
David spent three days in a Holiday Inn with a waitress named Marie.
A few months later when he returned home to San Francisco,
Marie was on his door step. Three months later, David was living with her,
her mother Stella, her two young hellion brothers, Chuck and Junior;
a poor family from "across the tracks" in San Antonio, Texas;
21 dogs and cats in a two room flat in Walnut Creek, California,
going on and off the road with the band.

"Marie 21 and Flying," by David Denny 

Performance schedule:

 September 6, 2008  10:00 pm

 September 9, 2008    8:30 pm
 September 13, 2008  2:30 pm
 September 14, 2008  7:00 pm

The EXIT Theatre
277 Taylor Street,
San Francisco, California 94192

Cost: $9

Official website:

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