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I got a chance to fire some questions to Dave Wolff the Man behind AUTOEROTICASPHYXIUM Magazine. Dave is a very intelligent and very informed person... It was my great pleasure to ask him the following questions...   I hope you enjoy.

Punk Globe: Can you give the readers some background on yourself?

AEA: I have been into extreme metal since I first heard Venom's "Black Metal" at 14. The one album I can say changed my life irrevocably, hopefully for the better. Before that I'd been listening to Ozzy, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, KISS and AC/DC. I was into the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and the Doors from an early age. When even younger I was attracted to such horror films as The Exorcist, The Omen and Night Of The Living Dead. I watched the old Chiller Theater program on NY's WPIX; one movie I remember they aired was about a sort of space vampires. There was something strangely seductive about her. So I've always been a fan of the darker side of entertainment.

Punk Globe: How long have you been doing A.E.A. Magazine?

AEA: Since the summer of 1996 when I started working on the first issue. The interviews were Abazagorath (black metal band from NJ), Blood Storm (black metal band from PA), Insatanity (death/black metal band from PA), Curse (black metal band from CT), Warzone (NYHC band), Murder Junkies (GG Allin's band), Deviant Behavior (NYC punk band), Endemoniada Zine (NYC metal zine), Glorya Whole (Transgender performance artist from NYC) and a few others.

Punk Globe: How did you come up with the the name of the Magazine?

AEA: The name of the zine is based on a song idea I thought up when I was drumming for metal and hardcore bands in the Long Island/Manhattan/New Jersey area. I figured it would be a fitting name for a fanzine, so in it went.

Punk Globe: How many people are involved in putting together A.E.A.

AEA: For issue 13 I contributed the interviews. Independent artist Mickmo, Herlaka Rose of Kovenant Rose Promotions and I contributed reviews. Mickmo has done reviews for a few issues and Herlaka started doing reviews this issue.

Punk Globe: You just put out your Spring Issue. Have you gotten a lot of feedback about the issue?

AEA: So far it has gotten good feedback in mail and print. Neo Zine, an underground music zine from Ebensburg, PA gave it a favorable review and the interviewees I spoke to liked the way it came out.

Punk Globe: I checked out your website and am very impressed with your Artist. He does amazing work. Tell the readers more about him. The artwork he did for issue 13 is amazing...

AEA: A couple artists contribute cover art. There's Mickmo whom I mentioned earlier (he does his own comics including Bug Slayer and Tales Of Retribution besides doing artwork for several underground metal bands). Winston Blakely of Blakelyworks (he does a comic book/graphic novel called Little Miss Strange) is another contributor. He does most of the pieces featuring Faustina Karpathia (Faustina is AEA's Goth/vampiress; think Iron Maiden's Eddie meets Selene of Underworld). Both artists have pages at MySpace; Mickmo's address is and Winston's is

Punk Globe: Your reviews are very good and they really go into detail... I really enjoyed your review on Margaret Cho's  Movie Assassin? .

AEA: You mean "Margaret Cho: Assassin"? That's cool. People who attended CW Post at LIU can also see my film reviews in the college paper. I told the editor I was going to run them in AEA because I wanted the readers to check them out. I liked a lot of what Margaret Cho had to say in that movie; besides watching it I did a lot of research on her career and whatnot. This is because I wanted to write a detailed article as opposed to a fluff article like "this is a hot new talent who's gonna win the Oscar..."

Punk Globe: Tell us about your Blogs on My Space? They are very informative and varied.. Tell us about the sources for your blog installments?

AEA: Many of the blog posts on AEA's MySpace page are advertisements for my work in Good Times, a local music paper here in Long Island. Some center on how Washington has been trying to regulate Internet neutrality. Those are forwards I got from Another, about the current trend in the DVD industry and how it will affect smaller companies releasing movies on DVD, is a forward from Neo Zine's MySpace page ( The guy who does Neo Zine and I agreed to repost each others blog posts if they should catch our interest. There is another blog post I re-posted with permission from Pagans Of MySpace ( in which a born again Christian was offering his thoughts on some other Christians who label Pagans as Devil worshipers, and that Pagans have been harmed by these claims. Yet another blog post was a video of an independent/experimental film released by E. Elias Merhige in 1991 called "Begotten."

Punk Globe: I feel that we share the same Political sentiments... Who are some of your mentors?

AEA: I don't have any "mentors" in particular; if someone writes something that speaks to me on a certain level I can say I relate to it. Aside from that, I feel people should think for themselves rather than parrot what they read or watch.

Punk Globe: Who has been your toughest interview?

AEA: No interview I can think of has been the toughest, though I have been digging deeper into band biographies in general so I can ask more in-depth questions.

Punk Globe: Can you tell us who would be your ultimate interview?

AEA: I can think of quite a few. An interview with Slayer, King Diamond, Manowar, Marilyn Manson or Kevin Smith (Dogma, Clerks 2) would be killer!

Punk Globe: I really liked your interview with Sybil Danning.. I had not thought about her in years and it was great to find out more about her...

AEA: Glad you liked that one too. I met Sybil Danning at a comics convention in NYC a while back, and the thought of interviewing her just struck me. I have been a fan since I saw her in Chained Heat and Reform School Girls. On this subject, I would also like to interview Linda Blair, Elvira, Linnea Quigley, Ken Foree and Heather (Blair Witch) Donahue.

Punk Globe: After watching The Surreal Life I really love Brigitte Nielsen.. She is so down to earth and real...

AEA: To be honest I'm not too big on reality TV shows. I liked The Osbournes, but I think "reality TV" is played out for the most part. How many times can a network keep rehashing the same idea?

Punk Globe: How large is your circulation? Please tell the readers how to contact you and A.E.A. and about your My Space profile and website.

AEA: I have written people from several countries around the world, including England, Brazil, the Czech Republic, the Philippines, Norway, Israel, Australia and elsewhere. AEA's MySpace page showcases links to the interviews in issue 13 plus banners of pages in my friends list. Most of the interviews that have been done AEA can be viewed at the links listed below. Interviews for issue 13 are: Aepril Schaile & The Judgment, Sybil Danning, Dark Spider’s Web, Destro Records, Devil Doll, Eden's Onslaught, Eric Forsberg, Howling Syn, NYC Rockabilly, Shallow Grave Satanic Symphony, Siren Tales Productions, Voodoo Terror Tribe and White Trash Debutantes. $4.00 & $1.00 S&H or free with trade.

Punk Globe: Any last comments for our readers?

AEA: Labeling people who are different is PREJUDICE. Hate is hate...

Punk Globe would like to thank Dave Wolff and AEA for the great interview.

Below is contact information for AUTOEROTICASPHYXUM Magazine...


3 Maple St.
Garden City, NY 11530-1812 USA
AEA Magazine  Covers by Winston Blakely
 Photo:  Dave Wolff in Corpsepaint


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