By Ginger Coyote
Punk Globe: Dangerous Dave thanks so much for taking the time to do this interview. You had been playing with Jon Cougar Concentration Camp (which are a really great fucking band) Can you tell us how you ended up playing with The Queers?
Dave: Chris from J.C.C.C was playing with The Queers. B-Face left the band there was an opening spot. I joined in 98.
Punk Globe: So you are currently living in San Diego right?
Dave: Yes.
Punk Globe: About 10 years ago I was putting together a CD to help benefit H.E. A.R. Hearing Education and Awareness for Rockers and I was in touch with with one of the guys in J.C.C.C. about donating a track. We used the track " 8 West" on the CD.. It came out on Sub City Records. Do you remember the CD?
Dave: Your guess is as good as mine. I don't recall anything about that.
Punk Globe: Were you still playing with J.C.C.C. when you joined up with The Queers?
Dave: Yeah.
Punk Globe: Is Chris Fields still playing with The Dwarves?
Dave: Chris Fields has been playing with the Dwarves for quite a few years.
Punk Globe: You are took a break but are back playing with The Queers is that right?
Dave: Yes. Not telling the story either.
Punk Globe: How long did you leave The Queers for?
Dave: 4 years or so.
Punk Globe: Oddly enough I ended up making contact with you on a Face Book thread about tour stories and you were talking about your time with The Queers. Do you care to tell us one of your favorite tour tales?
Dave: I fucked a 14 year old boy once. Not too much to tell about that one though.
Punk Globe: You are signed to Asian Man Records right?
Dave: Yep! Mike's a great guy. Couldn't ask for anything more from Mike.
Punk Globe; Tell us about your other band The Bugs?
Dave: The Bugs are an actual punk band. Unlike 99% of the bands that call themselves that.
Punk Globe: Are The Bugs signed with any label?
Dave: Nah, nobody has any fucking balls. "Too offensive" is the typical response from labels.
Punk Globe: Do you tour alot?
Dave: The Queers tour all the time.
Punk Globe: Is it hard being in both bands?
Dave: Not at all.
Punk Globe: Tell us who else is in The Bugs and what they do?
Dave: Gomer Kyle on Drums. Russell Hicks on guitar.
Punk Globe: What does 2010 have in store for you Dave?
Dave: I dunno. Probably nothing.
Punk Globe: Do you have any Internet addresses for people to check out all of what you are doing?
Dave: www.myspace.com/thequeersdangerousdave there's a lot of shit on myspace nowadays. You can find me on FaceBook, just search "Dave Swain"
Punk Globe: Any chance of a Jon Cougar Concentration Camp reunion?
Dave: Nah, the drummer burned to death in a car fire. Haven't thought of it since.