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Darlin Maudie are a band that consist of the brothers Evancho and they have been shaking shit up in Kansas. They have decided to hit the road to the west Coast for tour. They contacted Punk Globe to help promote their CD " The Shallow Deep" and their west coast dates.......... 

Punk Globe:  Tell us about Darlin Maudie, you are from Kansas right?   How long have you been together? 

Since we are brothers, Mike always likes to say we've been together since 1978 when I was born.  But, DM basically started as a recording project in our basement in 1997.  We grew up in rural Kansas so there wasn't much for live music or other musicians.  We first started playing live shows together in 1999.  We both had earlier bands we played in separately, though Mike had a band called Analog Fuzz while he was in high school and I started a band, Old Man Lyle when I was in college.  But the current lineup, with the drum machine, has been playing shows for about 2 years. 

Punk Globe:  So, Darlin Maudie consists of just the two of you brothers? 

That's right!  The brothers Evancho, plus the spirits of every one of drummers that died in mysterious gardening accidents.

Punk Globe:  When you play live are you able to achieve the full sound that you have?

When we play live all the instrumentation is there.  That is one of the joys of using a drum machine we don't lose any sounds.  Sometimes if we play a bigger club and they don't have a sound system we lose a little energy from not have live drums, though.  We actually have our own PA we bring to play our bass and drums through so we have as big as sound as possible.  We do have a very energetic live show, though with a mini-trampoline and spring light on stage.  We try to make up for only having two people on stage and it has forced us to become more creative.

Punk Globe:  On your My Space site you have two other players listed

That is a bit of an inside joke.  Back when Mike and I were just recording in the basement we used to say that Gwendolyn Praxis was our drummer, when in all actuality Mike was playing the drums.  When we started playing with the drum machine we used to have to burn CDs with our backing tracks because the drum machine didn't have enough memory.  We used a Memorex CD player live so we decided to add Jerry Memorex to our band.   It didn't take long for Jerry and Gwen to fall into digital love and get hitched.  They the tightest rhythm section you'll find anywhere.

Punk Globe:  Who are your influences?

We grew up on classical music, Mozart, Beethoven, Bach and the like.  Our grandfather was a college music professor so our parents played the classical 24/7.   But we also listened to a lot of the Drifters and Michael Jackson.  As we got older we listened to metal and rap.  When grunge hit we were definitely taken by the wave.  Mike definitely digs more established bands though like Pink Floyd.  I've bombarded him with every one hit wonder in the last 5 years, though, I'm sure.  Recent influences would be Kill Creek, Modest Mouse, Built to Spill, Wilco and Daft Punk.  We listen to about every style of music. 

Punk Globe:  How many releases does Darlin Maudie have out? Tell us about your label? Are you happy with the support they are giving you?

With the release of our new album, "Dead End of the Wake" on July 21st we will have three records out.  Our others include, "The Charm of Demolition" and "The Shallow Deep."  We don't have a true label and support ourselves.  The Bape Records is what we have released albums under since we've started recording.  We would love to find someone who believes in our sound, though, and help us spread throughout the US.

Punk Globe: You are planning a tour that will bring you out to California. Will this be your first time playing the West Coast?

Yes, and we are pretty excited.  We played with the band Get Set Go (Highland Park, CA) in Wichita and they totally helped us set up a couple shows in the Los Angeles area.  We will also be in Murrieta, Ventura and Santa Barbara.   We also have family in Santa Clarita so it will be a very cool vacation.  Plus, I have never seen the Pacific before.  Mike lived in San Diego for a short time, though.

Punk Globe:  Can you tell us about the scene in Kansas? Are there alot of clubs to play?

Kansas definitely has some great bands and clubs.  The most popular scene would be in Lawrence, I imagine.  There are many great clubs there like the Bottleneck, Replay Lounge and Jazzhaus.  KC is also a great place play, but one their mainstays, The Hurricane, is closing though I think.  Wichita is sometimes the forgotten city, when it comes to music, even though we are the largest city in Kansas.  We have some great clubs including Kirby's Beer Store and JC's House of Rock.   At Kirby's, you can find live music 7 nights a week ranging from punk to metal to bluegrass to jazz.  And the people there are true music fans.  It is truly an amazing place and I know out-of-town bands dig the place.  We continue to get more touring bands through Wichita, too, so I think the scene will only get better.  We have so many great bands in Wichita like Stars Go Cold, The Terrible Airplane, Spirit of the Stairs and Injektilo.  The list could go on and on, though.

Punk Globe: We here at Punk Globe wish you much luck on your tour and one last question are you a Bea Arthur fan? You know because of the band name and Bea was "Maude."

We are now!

Punk Globe: Any last comments?

Thank you for the opportunity.  Check out www.myspace.com/darlinmaudie
for our tour dates and we hope to meet many new fans on our upcoming

 Thankyou and good luck with your tour.....


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