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Happy Fall, Y'all!!
Now that summer is over, I've crawled out from my cave and returned to the land of the punk living and back at my computer with my glorious wit and sarcasm pumped up and ready to take on some more social, humorous, and mixed nutz issues to whine about and make ya laugh and think.
I took time off again to go down to my family's version of Gray Gardens and do my summertime Martha Stewart / Roseanne's Nuts type thing and get in touch with nature and a real back yard for a while. Seriously, I was bib overalls and bandanas around the head chopping, planting, cutting, and all that green earth jazz. When, at the end of the day, you have a bra full of bugs from chopping tree limbs and hauling them, ya know it's been a productive day ;).
Living in the city definitely has it's advantages when it comes to culture, shopping, entertainment, etc, but there are times I miss being where you can step out on a porch after dark, and you're so secluded that you can't even see your hand in front of your face because there are few lights to illuminate the evening.! Those are the times I grab my ciggies, a cup of coffee, and do nothing more than listen to the crickets and swat friggin mosquitoes. If more than 10 cars drive by your house in one day, there had to have been an emergency somewhere in town because in a town of 800 people, things are pretty quiet and laid back.
And talk about roughing it; yours truly went without a computer, cable t.v, music, and my multiple phones. Talk about cultural withdrawl there but I can tell ya that PBS needs to rethink programming...I'm sorry but I don't care to learn how to 'paint with bob' at 3 a.m. I want entertainment!!
But I made out o.k. and got home to my soul mate aka the computer, and caught up on all my documentaries, and legal court cases and have sooo many topics to rave about in the next couple of months, I can't begin to list them all. But I will let you know that the Conrad Murray trial, missing children and cyberbullying on my list of topics to bitch about in the upcoming months. If you think Casey Anthony (aka Twat Mom) chapped my ass, wait til you hear my thoughts on the Conrad Murray trial. Can we say major clusterfuck there, boys and girls????
Anyhow, as Ginger told all of you, it was a hectic summer for the Punk Globe group with flu, colds, infections, and Marc trying to find his third eye at a Starbucks!! (Glad you're ok, Marc...concussions are scarey shit, dude!) Now we'll just get ready to take part in flu season and be right on track once more. If we aren't puking, pooping, peeing, coughing, hacking, itching, burning, we ain't happy...besides, did you really think punk music was created by HAPPY people?
I also look forward to the fall because some of my favorite t.v. shows start a new season and then Ginger and I can rehash episodes on the phone and I have something to keep my tiny mind busy. I'm anxiously waiting for the U.S. version of "Shameless" to start season two and if you haven't seen it, be sure to check it out on Showtime this fall. William H. Macy and the crew are ab fab in there roles and the shows hilarious!
Oh, and if you like spooky, thriller, mind bending programs, be sure to check out Dylan McDermott in "American Horror Story"! That show is the shit, folks!! Scarey, bizarre, puzzling, dark, ...ya know, just like me, and you get to see Dylan's naked sexy ass from time to time, too!! Oh, and Jessica Lange stars in the show as well as the demented next door neighbor. Care for a little taste? Well, who am I to deprive you of some dark entertainment?
It's just so dark and demented you can't help but LOVE it!!
I hope you're all ready for what I lovingly call "SpanxGiving" because that's one time of the year we are legally allowed to eat until we burp and pass gas all in the name of thankfulness :) So be sure to beat the crowds at the market and snag your bird, whether real or tofurkey, before the other pilgrims wipe the shelves dry which happened to me last year and was NOT a pretty site! Thanksgiving is not Thanksgiving without two weeks of left over turkey in the fridge to pick at til you swear to God you never ever eat bird again ....at least til next year.
So for now, I'll keep this short and dark and wish all our Punk Globe friends and family a happy holiday and let ya know, we're thankful you're fans :)
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