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By Dark Diva


It's October and therefore the birthday month of our heroine and songstress, Ginger Coyote!

What can you say about a woman who has pioneered punk rock and "takes a lickin and keeps on tickin" like her,
except to applaud her, bow down and wail, 'I'm not worthy! I'm not worthy!"

There are so many people who have known Ginger and were blessed to have done so as she touches and enriches so many lives.  For a woman who can get on stage, grab a mic and belt out some of the most hardcore, in our face lyrics there are, her heart and soul are as gentle as a spring breeze and her love and friendship is priceless!

While many others of our comrades in music have passed on too soon, Ms. Ginger has survived the tests of time and endurance. I have known very few women such as her who keep the fight to keep real punk alive and viable, who fights for the humanitarian causes of those in need, lends an ear and a shoulder for those hurting and asks little in return. 
You don't find those traits too much anymore in this world which is focused on
"each man/woman for themselves and the devil for them all".

When looking through horoscopes for the Libra Ms. Ginger, I did find a good, humorous one which I think she, as well as you readers, will get a laugh out of and secretly nod your head to in some parts. So if you aren't quite sure what a person who celebrates their birthday on 10/10 might REALLY be like, check this out:

" Libra: September 24 - October 23

Libras are anal retentives whose sole purpose in life is to be right all the time.
They respond to admiration, praise and flattery, but only for a couple of seconds at a time.

Libras love living in style, especially if they cannot afford it. Show me a bitch who won't fuck until she's had jewelry, candlelight dinners in expensive restaurants and satin sheets and I'll show you a loose Libra. To them, sex is something animals do. Of course that may be why they lead their spouses around on a leash.

Hobbies Libras love include interior decorating (when someone else is paying for it), fashion, needlework (including voodoo), listening to art shows, and watching concerts. Opera fans are almost always Libras.

These people will do almost anything for peace and harmony. The way to drive a Libra ape-shit is to say "fuck me or I'll play loud punk rock music."  Along those lines, Libras make the best hostages. Unfortunately, many of them become cops.  Nightsticks make a well behaved lover.

Famous Libras include Friedrich Nietzsche, Eugene O'Neill, Bridgette Bardot, Julie Andrews, Angie Dickinson, Angela Lansbury, Zach Efron,  Divine, Charleston Heston and Helen Hayes."

So there you have it. Libras like our divine Ms. Ginger are not to be taken lightly or for granted, for that matter because they are a mighty force to reckon with and those spike heels hurt like a bitch when applied with
pressure to one's naughty bits.

So here's to our birthday girl, Ginger Coyote!
Many happy wishes and many more birthdays cuz our lives would be worth shit without you!! Muah!!

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