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The fourth of July, this year, not only promised fireworks in the form of "boom, bang, pow, oooh the pretty colors" but emotional fireworks in the form of trepidation regarding the outcome of the Casey Anthony trial, as the jury was in deliberation as to this monster's fate.

Perhaps one of the most followed trials in America for this decade, Casey Anthony had enabled millions of people to globally unite in horror in regards to the loss and death of her daughter, Caylee. As I had previously written, Casey Anthony had failed to inform anyone for an entire month that her little three year old daughter was missing, ( don't we all misplace loved ones from time to time only to stumble upon them later? Inject scathing sarcasm here.) and when finally backed into a corner to come clean as to Caylee's whereabouts,she concocted such an elaborate "fairy tale" of mystery and drama that she could have outdone Agatha Christy in twists and turns and villians of all shapes and sizes. In the end, God's newest angel was found dead, decomposed, and desecrated in December and mommy dearest was arrested and charged with her death.

Even though, daily, we are innudated with story upon story of missing children, missing mothers, families, and so on, although my heart twinges for each and every one of them, this particular case had me addicted from the start. Not since the Jeffrey Dahlmer crimes, capture and trial, had I seen anyone so emotionally detached from the death of a human being, as exemplified by Casey Anthony. Towards the end of the trial, during the examination of the crime scene photos, we could tell she had been coached by her lawyers to "show something" of emotion and then and only then did we see little offerings of staged emotion.

Just about everyone I ran into, and some I never would have expected, were entranced by the story and hoped and prayed for justice for Caylee. We wanted Casey Anthony's ass on a silver platter and we wanted it NOW!!

Prior to the verdict being made by the jury, my niece, Rosie, who was following the outcome with her sister, Judy, via Twitter, Facebook, and anything else they could get on their cellphones while away from home, asked me what I thought the outcome would be. I told her, although I truly wished this bitch be burned at the stake and all us provided with marshmellows on a stick, I took a deep breath and said I feared the worse: she would be acquitted because there had to be evidence beyond a reasonable doubt that she had killed her child and how she committed the act. At that point, we all knew the answers to those questions weren't there. Granted, in my heart, I hoped there would be a clusterfuck somewhere and they'd come back with a verdict of "the bitch did it" but I knew if our judicial system worked as it should and the jurors did the job they were asked to, they could not do it. And therefore, on July 5th, when the verdict was delivered, I was angy, sad, horrified, sickened but yet not surprised BUT I knew this was far from over. Even though Casey Anthony was acquitted of the murders, enough people in this world believed in their heart of hearts the skank killed her child and therefore, no matter where Casey Anthony went, she'd have a target on her back.

Days later, she's released from prison, and her attorneys whisk her off to seclusion for her safety. Her parents ask Baez (her attorney) where Casey was placed and asked to speak with her and all they got was a text message replying, "she's ok" or something to the like.

Then, on August 3, 2011, photos surface of Casey Anthony in Ohio, sporting a cap, glasses, pigtails, and lo and behold, bigger tits than what she had in court! Don't you just love having cosmetic surgery as a way of saying, "I'm in mourning for my child and thankful I have been vindicated?". Nothing says innocence like silicone ta tas. Yup, seems to me the bitch is advertising a new ride at ta ta land and she's ready for action.

The next few weeks bring my blood pressure boiling even higher when I read about people bidding on eBay for a Casey Anthony halloween mask, and the bidding at that time was already up to $25,000. I really want to know what twisted fucktard is battling to own that piece of shit merchandise so that I can perhaps offer him a deal on some shoes from the Auschwitz death camps, a white, Ford Bronco, or a set of Jeffrey Dahlmer kitchen knives. I hope the winner wears the mask on Halloween and someone knocks him/her on their ass for paying any type of homage to that twat!!

Oh but it kept getting better and better for the outrageousness factor, kids! Larry Flynt and Hustler magazine considered paying "Twat Mom" half a million bucks to pose nude cuz, according to Larry, when interviewed by the media, "people found her attractive and would want to see a spread on her". Ok, Larry, let's say we find the scum sucker who put you in a wheel chair by shooting you and said we wanted to see that person glorified in a magazine. Your flag diaper wearing ass would be chapped big time and you know it's the truth!

Now, while her parents attended a memorial celebration to honor and mourn their granddaughter, Casey's lawyers are fighting like nutz so that the four charges she was found guilty of are erased from her record, and make it so she does not have to return to Florida to serve probation on those counts AND make it so that she does not have to pay back the state of Florida the $700,000 dollars it spent on "Twat Mom's" trial. WHO THE FUCK DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE??? I haven't been so fucking pissed off since the Nicole Brown Simpson verdict and I was a raging dervish during that trial, boyz and gurls!!

All I can do to stop kicking the shit out of the walls over this autrocity is remind myself that what goes around comes around. It may take more time than what we would like to see, but karma WILL catch up with those in need of an adjustment. I hope to God I am alive to see it, for Caylee's sake and memory.

Is this horror story of lies, murder, and injustice over? Not by a long shot. We all have to remember one bone chilling, frightening fact that remains.....this bitch is still capable of giving birth again. Stay Tuned.



*** A very special "thank you" to my dahling Ima G for filling in for me last month. The bitch do have a mouth, a brain and she's not afraid to use either. I luv ya, Ima! ***

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