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baby bullshit

Greetings my lovely punks and punkettes! If you are reading this, then, you, too, weren't pulled skyward by the Rapture but unfortunately, neither we a lot of terminally ignorant douchebags! We're stuck with those losers! And you know who is the worst of that lot? It's the terminally ignorant douchebags known as toddler pageant parents!!!!

I mean, yeah, if you got some punk blood running in ya, you understand costumes, per say, outrageous makeup, funky hair, but on little kids to be paraded around like livestock? What the fuck?

four year old

Now, we can all agree that's a very pretty young lady working her diva cowgirl look, but do you realize this little thing is only FOUR YEARS OLD?? Four year old kids should be worrying about eyeliner, lipstick and blush, for fuck's sake. They should be driving their parents nuts watching shit like "Barney" or "Dora the Explorer" and being just four year olds.

Every form of media blares out, "We must keep our children safe. No exploitation. No dangerous situations. " The conservative right hollers to the heavens for us to stop abortion because it kills a child and children are precious. So tell me then, why isn't the conservative right bitching and moaning how living outside the womb children everywhere are being treated? How about caring for your child just the way they are? If a parent starts dolling up a kid to win competitions at a very young age, are the parents telling the kids you have to be beautiful/ handsome to be a winner? Aren't they saying titles/ labels are important when the rest of us are trying to spread the "we are all one and the same" message?

Case en pointe:

baby retouch

Notice how the photo of this little beauty has be retouched to enhance her looks? That's because mommy and daddy know that when entering a toddler pageant, contestants are screened and invited by judges who select them via their submitted head shots. What kind of cow doesn't see her own child as being gorgeous just the way she is?? You entered her in a toddler beauty pageant not an audition for "Show Girls"!!!

If you have ever attended one of these events or watched them on reality t.v., you probably have an idea of what these kids endure and learn is important to succeeding in life.

beauty is painful 1

beauty is painful 2

You have parents clammering to get the kiddies spray tans, fake teeth (flippers) to ensure a perfect smile, false fingernails, hair extentions, tweezing, shaving, colonics, and spending outrageous amounts on dresses and costumes that cost more than my yearly income!!

Oh yeah, and don't forget the Botox moms! There's more than one out there and of course we all heard the latest botox horror story when a woman posted photos of her injecting her own child on the internet. Botox? On kids? It's bad enough adults use it for vanity sake but you're going to put a product which contains sodium chloride and a form of botulism in your kid because YOU are living vicariously through your offspring and need your ego stroked?? Fuck YOU!! I'm sorry but the side effects (Anxiety; arm pain; back pain; dizziness; drowsiness; dry mouth; dry or irritated eyes; facial pain; flu-like symptoms; headache; inability to focus the eyes; increased cough; indigestion; nausea; neck pain; pain, redness, swelling, or tenderness at the injection site; runny nose; sensitivity to light; stiff or weak muscles at or near the injection site; sweating; tiredness) are reason enough to run like hell away from this shit!!! Oh, and those are the "milder" side effects. Here's the more severe ones, ( as if we need more) : Severe allergic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips, or tongue; unusual hoarseness); bleeding at the injection site; chest pain; difficulty swallowing or breathing; double or blurred vision, or other vision changes; drooping of the upper eyelid; eyelid swelling; fainting; fever, chills, or persistent sore throat; irregular heartbeat; loss of bladder control; loss of strength; paralysis; seizures; severe or persistent muscle weakness or dizziness; shortness of breath; speech changes or problems; worsening migraines. Oh yeah, sign me up, coach! The risk of using something that can be neurotoxic is nothing compared to winning that stupid ass tiara and some cash. Hey, at least you can use the cash to pay for any medical attention the child is going to need in the near future from being pumped full of needless shit!!

You know, toddler pageants are also hot spots for pedophiles to hang out and take pictures and fantasize over littles. JonBenet Ramsey is reported to have possibly met her killer at one of her pageants. Seems this pervert showed up at a lot of her shows, introduced himself, told others he and JonBenet were friends, and was taken to walking around her neighborhood. But does this information stop mummy and daddy from turning their little darlings into human targets? Oh hell , no!

pedo bait


Is anyone else asking themselves, like I did, "what the hell is this shit all about??". We have taken a tiny little girl and put her in this Madonna type costume and taught her to strut her butt and act sexy to win a talent competition. And as for the other little girl, what chaps my ass is the fingernail photo. Yeah, you see she has fake nails, (and doesn't she look tickled pink about it?) but what makes my teeth itch is that this photo, found on the internet, shows her hand right in front of her little private area. I don't know about you, but personally I am thinking this borders on almost pornographic. And don't think the half million pedophiles who cruise the net DAILY looking for potential targets, aren't getting their rocks off over photos like these. But dayummmm, mommy is proud of her sexy baby. KIDS AREN'T SUPPOSED TO BE SEXY...THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE KIDS! PERIOD!!

I feel sorry for pageant parents, I really do. They have no clue what damage they are doing to their children. If you drill it into their heads from birth that beauty and winning is everything, what do these kids do when they become adults and the body starts declining and maybe they can no longer afford botox, or hair extentions, or glittery clothes and they are just themselves? Does this mean they are no longer "winners"? Do they go through their days thinking, "I'm not the best anymore?". "Where did the money and the cameras go?". It's bad enough that adults are battling diseases like anoxeria and bulemia, and botched cosmetic surgeries, but now, children as young as 5 are becoming anorexic because society and the media tells them, "skinny is the best".

Adults are responsible for their own lives and what they do or not do to their bodies and spirit. Children become what they are taught, what is place in their lives as being important and meaningful. They look to their parents and family to guide and protect them always. If mommy or daddy or anyone else wants to manipulate or exploit a child for the sake blowing smoke up their own skirt, they should never have been allowed to procreate in the first place....they aren't fit!

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