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In this new release, DANA Alberts carries post punk emo into the territory of low-fi folk.

It may indeed be hard to find happiness in such a mix. However, it is beginning to surface in moments of realization of a paradise lost that can be interpreted positively.

"Minus One" is the name of the group he started in the eighties.The band released four singles through the "Skate Rock" series through Thrasher Magazine, and appeared on "One Giant Leap", a compilation record released in England on Venture Records in 1983.

The next year, they recorded "Where A Man Was Made," with Spencer Dryden on drums (Jefferson Airplane drummer) and Naomi Ruth Isenberg (Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks) on violin. Minus One toured the U.S. in 1985 with the VKTMS, a punk band formed by drummer Louis Gwerder and featuring Nyna Crawford.

Later that year Alberts was approached by Danny Sugerman, the author and former manager of the "Doors, and Iggy Pop's manager. Sugerman had heard a tape by Minus One, after James Grauerholz, a friend of Sugerman's had recommended the band.

This led them to an offer of a record deal from Geffen Records. However, unstated personal problems inside the group drove them to dissolve.

Disillusioned, Alberts moved to Oregon to lead a quiet life and retreat from the music scene and rethink and create a new life for himself. He worked for Fender Musical Instruments, and played in a band with other employees at work. He toured the Oregon club circuit with guitar player

Jeff Labansky in a band called "The Addiction."

As a singer for "The Addiction," Alberts played top showcases and backed up artists like Sam Kinison and Andy Summers. He also continued write and record on the side with studio engineer Bill Dibacco, a bass player. During the next five years Alberts and Dibacco recorded a total of three albums that were played on local stations.

In the 90's, Dana moved back to San Francisco to reform "Minus One." During that time, according to Alberts, he wrote some of the band's best material. It had never had been recorded until now.

Dana recorded this solo album that highlights his deft, moody guitar playing and songwriting as well as his reedy vocal style. Drew Waters, who plays percussion and some guitar solos, produced the album in a home studio, giving it an authentic low-fi sound. 

"Minus One" music from the 90s makes a positive impression on the album. According to one version of the story of the band's genesis, took its name after the shooting death of John Lennon, and the Brit pop overtones on the album are both subtle and obvious.

With this release, Dana acknowledges his gratitude to his former band mates and others, and off into lightly charted territory, released perhaps from the prison of his past. 

Available online at cdbaby.com and elsewhere.

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