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by Dave Negative

In marked contrast to what their poor to middling studio recordings had lead to expect from them, SoCal's self-described "post-art-punk-power-pop-wave" metrosexuals, THE ADORED, turned out to be a pretty good live act. Vocalist Television Ryan's histrionics-filled delivery, shaking off a pair of creepers during a cover of The Speedies' blithe ode to horny groupies, "Let Me Take Your Foto", and crawling across the stage in his neon green socks to "take pictures" of everyone upfront with a toy camera, and Drew 17's jangle 'n' crunch guitar hooks on "Tell Me Tell Me", "Savage Youth" and "Chemistry" bearing little if any resemblance to the sonic anemia of the group's recent debut CD, A New Language, and their Britpop/dance influenced E.P. from 2004. My girlfriend, on the other hand, who was with me in the crowd, would disagree to put it mildly. Dismissing them outright as "coked-out LA shagg-heads trying way too hard and failing to be The Buzzcocks."

THE EPOXIES, one of the better examples of the Pacific Northwest's late 90's neo-new wave scene, got off to a humorously rough start when their lit-up banner (decorated with rows of Christmas tree bulbs illuminating the letters of their name) partially shorted-out on the first "E" causing it to read "POXIES" after a long and difficult soundcheck. Still, they managed to deliver a great performance. Keyboardist FM Static and charismatic vocalist Roxy Epoxy laughing off these setbacks, and endearing themselves to the audience in the process - the latter giggling, "As you can tell, we're nothing if not professional", before leading guitarist Viz Spectrum, drummer Ray Cathode and bassist Shock Diode into a deliriously hyperkinetic set of sci-fi synth-filled, beat-heavy electro-punk. Accompanied by glowing lasers, flashing strobe lights, smoke and bubble machines, and geometric patterned duct-tape outfits, it was everything new wave could have been in the 80's but wasn't.

Eliciting salacious wolf-whistles, MIMI LEMEAUX, a burlesque dancer and self-described "scream queen", proceeded the headliners with a strip-tease down to her glittering red pasties and thong. Sashaying off to the spooky resonance of a thunderstorm crashing over the house speakers with a tombstone shaped placard held above her head that read "Ladies and gentlemen...THE DAMNED" as the band dramatically took to the stage. Kicking into "New Rose" and "Wait For The Blackout" followed by an evenhanded selection from Damned Damned Damned, Machine Gun Etiquette, their newest release, Grave Disorder, and a few others from The Black Album and Strawberries infront of a full-sized theatre screen where clips from classic horror flicks were shown. Although lagging on some of the more esoteric proto-Goth/Deathrock material, at their very best, with Dave Vanian's stately shout-crooning and Captain Sensible's manic psych guitar solos competing against and complementing each other, Monty OxyMoron's pulsing keyboards, and bassist Stu West (Patricia Morrison's replacement) and drummer Pinch's moody-to-bombastic rhythm section, they were outstanding.


All words 2006 Dave Negative
Photo credits: The Adored, Alexandra; The Epoxies, Angela R.Goodman; The Damned, Shigeo Kikuchi


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