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Review By: Michael Rys
Three blokes from Richmond Virginia and according to their bio they have traveled back in time from the year 3077 to perform. Mnnnn ok, Popping in the CD in it starts out strong enough,with Matt ( Guitar & Vox) ,Jake ( Bass & Vox) and Daryl on drums showing alot of promise of things to come with song # 1 ,Me Gusta. From there.. after this song its... Well its like going the fridge grabbing that cold milk pouring it into the glass. You reach up in the cabinet and take the chocolate mix can down, open it up,and some dim bulb left a half freaking tea spoon of mix in the can. Dang, I hate that!! If it isn't there at all I wont miss it.DAMMITMATHEWDAMMIT sent a nice promo package ,have great "back story" to the band, strange stage outfits,quirky-ness and fantastic song titles like Nobody Like You, Wary Canary, and best of all Soup And Groupies.But this CD, besides the first song just does nothing for me.It wavers on the line between pop and garage but without the hooks of a great pop line an no rawness of garage. I thought the effort to cover Godzilla was uninspired and should have been left off the CD, the originals were faring far better.
I'll be throwing Me Gusta on the playlist but that's it.

You can check the band out for yourself here:www.DAMMITMATHEWDAMMIT.com

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