March 2017


Daddy Where Does 420 Come From?
Rikk Agnew and Frederick Burnt
Review By: Jaime Pina

Returning after the success of their first release, Daddy, Where Do Strippers Come From?, Rikk Agnew and Frederick Burnt return with a new book. Published like a paperback edition of a children’s book, it features funny and informative text on one page with helpful and vivid illustrations on the facing page like all the best children’s books do.

Dealing with the difficult subject of explaining the much misunderstood marijuana code, the book busts many myths while providing little known facts and trivia about the commonly used stoner expression. It also explains the legend of the “kushites”, valuable information stoner types will not want to be left out of the loop on. The artwork is fun and the writing is perfect for a lazy night on the couch. Accompanying the text are photos of different delicious looking buds and various pipes with which to puff said buds from.


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