The Rise of Palace Depression/Darker Days
Double Album
The Cryptkeeper Five

by Carl Macki

Song List

The Rise of Palace Depression

the phoenix of the molotov
stop drop & roll
truly yours, the king of the hill
losing superman
sweet baby jane
no one will know
let go
sweet you
I am what you left behind
et tu brute
hang on, sweetpea
time to go
magnetic north

Darker Days

the death of hope ii
how to spot the antichrist?
sleeperhold & eulogy
misled at the deathbed
motherfucker, motherfucker, motherfuckers
the calm before the storm
riot #one
the murder song
the desperate man & and the deadweight
driftwood & seafoam
below e the death of hope iii
the return of the machine


Bony Orbit Records

PO Box 237601

Cocoa FL 32972



Vocals: Johnny
Guitar/Vocals: Scotty Engel!
Guitar/Vocals: Jimmy Ray Roadblock
Piano: Cobra
Sax: Blue Madigan
Bass: Jack
Drums: Destruction Truck Graves

Continuing with their unique convergent sound that put out in their fifth record, Trenton Makes the Cryptkeeper Five (2004) NJ's Cryptkeeper Five released this two CD package from Bony Orbit Records late last year. At first I wondered whether this would be a painful experience. the two albums were named "The Rise Of Palace Depression" and "Darker Days."

While the songs seem to deal with negative themes, the way they treat the theme is cause for celebration, not depression.

I was quite impressed with the depth and cohesion of the band--the comparison to the E Street Band was not just braggadocio

At other times the main singer seems to even slice into some Meatloaf--or Rocky Horror--I was brought to contemplate the way the band uses 50s doo-wop: like Frank Zappa, not Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons!

The punk here has been disguised, like putting it into a glitzy dress, but there is a strong layer of it, a lot of it. These guys are really talented and original, despite the borrowings; and sound like they would be a powerful theatrical experience live.

Johnny the main vocalist, has a decent range, and when he is rasping, which is often, it reminds me of a power saw hitting metal, causing sparks.

The band is going to be touring this year. So far they don't seem to be going much farther than up and down the Atlantic seaboard. Maybe that will change if these CDs get more notice.






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