The Outcome of Misery: Cry Havoc
by Amy Talaska

I know there are others out there that myself have been trying to patiently wait for the return of good music. There seems to be a steady stream of trash on a loop in abundance at our disposal everyday. Fortunately for me I came across a CD that stands out above everything else! Cry Havoc is a band that is on their way to the top and it wouldnít surprise me to see them surpass in success even the most talented artists that are touring today. Iíve also had the opportunity to see these guys live and it was an experience like nothing else. There is enough eye candy to catch your attention for a lot longer than just one show. And even as they are starting to climb to the top they havenít lost themselves on the road to success which is all too common. These guys will still spend time with their fans after a show and show their thanks sincerely every time. Hanging out with these guys doesnít feel like just hanging out with another band at a rock show; no matter who you are after talking with them for just a few minutes you canít help but to feel like they have been your good friends youíre whole life and want to invite them to come party at your house.

To give you an idea of what they are like, imagine Rise Against with much more energy and a million miles more entertaining to watch. Every time I have had the privilege to watch Cry Havoc live I have never wanted their set to end.
The Outcome of Misery will be a disk that continues to play for years for all of those fans that already own the cd instead of some cd ,like the majority out there, that you listen to a few times and remains hidden on a shelf for years after. One of the many things that make this album stand out above the rest is the mesmerizing sounds of the guitar. Itís not just a steady stream of repetitious power chords; there is actually something of talent and substance into everything played by all of the musicians. The lead vocals alone are enough to make each song hold itís own but the backup vocals are something so soothing that the sound is something I could imagine soothing me to sleep. One thing of warning about listening to this CD; after playing it one time through you will experience an extreme feeling of empowerment that is so strong that you might feel that you alone now can attain world peace and can conquer any obstacle that comes in your way. So be prepared to feel more energized after listening to this CD than you have your whole life.

To check this band out live, they will be playing at Hogue Barmichaels in Newport Beach Wednesday April 20th for the battle of the bands to be featured on the warped tour. Itís a show that you will be glad you decided to check out!
So go ahead, put in that same Killers CD you have had on a loop for the past month now. Put on all of your old warn out cdís that even you are sick of by this point. While you are doing this though know that good music is right at your fingertips. To experience this musical revolution yourself go to and pick up your own copy of The Outcome of Misery. You can also find these guys on myspace at Donít worry; this wonít be another band that just takes up space on your page. These guys actually write you back and will become your lifelong friend!



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