By Miss Oblivious

Here it goes. As usual Miss O has loved this man forever! We have all heard the story dozens of times in this mess. But really, here it goes again as it will dozens more in the future.

I first set eyes, well, that I can remember on one Rev. Crispin Hellion Glover when I was about 14 years –old.

I grew up in the bay area and the story was thought of as an urban legend, my friend Randy even claimed to have gone to school with the delinquents that carved this legend into reality. The movie was called Rivers Edge and it was the kind you’d watch over and over as a young teen. I remember as soon as it was released on video Karin and I made her dad rent it for us.

 Eighth grade seemed to be a monumental memory of film for Karin and myself. Suburbia, Sid n’ Nancy, any scary flix (which she even pee’d on me once from fright), (don’t ask), and Rivers Edge.

It had happened within 20 miles of where we lived which made it seem even cooler. The actors were whom we could relate to, and they partied and had a pal with a car, all the things we wanted to do and we wanted to have. As the years passed it still remains on the top of my list, in fact as soon as it was released on DVD I ran out and purchased a copy for the Cap’n.

What I am getting at is Crispin Glover, he was one of the main characters and really helped it become part of a cult collection. You know you are watching a soon to be classic when Crispin appears on screen.

We all know the brilliance of his books. He finds old Victorian novels and alters them to be completely different stories and ads in his own illustrations and found photographs, to add to the mystique.

A friend in SF told me that Mister Hellion was coming, so I decided to look it up on the WWW and see if he’d be gracing Seattle with his glorious presence.

Ayah! He was coming in four short weeks to spend three nights entertaining, informing and conversating with all the fairest in the land and not so fairest.

I immediately called, emailed and pony expressed the news to all interested parties. I decided one night would not be enough for me and I’d endear two!

I was on for a solo ride Friday and group session on Sunday.

I, of course had to stitch together a gift for this handsome and strange creature that makes my heart skip a beat…pidder padder pidder padder thump thump…yeah real easy on the eyes.

crispinspayne.jpgHva er deta? the piece i stitched for CHG

 I had no idea what to expect, you hear this and that but a lot of the time I don’t really pay attention to thethis and the that! I viewed a trailer on his website, but still had no idea what I was in for. I sat next to a friendly group of kids, which had no idea that his daddy was an actor. How weird! Of course I filled ‘em in.

 crispinnmesazz.jpgfriday night session

 The lights were dimmed and the screen lit, a shadow appeared and the red spotlight was glowing around the being I had loved for the last.. Eek.. 19 years. I am not a number one fan but I do feel butterflies whenever he is in view on the silver screen, his voice is heard or presenting the most magnificent, out-of-this-world slide show. Reading from eight different books with such enthusiasm.

 If you have not seen any of the novels they remind me a tad –bit of CRASS/DIRT art and propaganda. Which has always appealed to my senses.

Go order ‘em now!

 After a 30-minute adventure through the subliminal pages on screen, it was time for “What Is It”.

No matter how much you have researched this project, you could never be prepared for the story. Without giving too much away, it is about a boy with Down syndrome that hangs out with other DS and handicap friends that hang out in a cemetery, he pours salt on snails, makes out with heavy petting, and you enter his alter ego land which is Crispin with super long hair and brown fur floor length jacket, strange naked ladies with bizarre masks, a man in a clam shell fully nude, bigot country music, watermelons, dolls, swastikas, Shirley temple. That’s all I am telling you! You HAVE to go experience it with Crispin.

It is dark, it is artistic, it is un-safe, it is beautiful, and it is so surreal it’s real, it is ugly at times, and it is very fake at times and funny at times. Crispin let’s his senses of humor show when he asks one of characters “what’s my name”? And the lil fella replies “McFly”.

Since I don’t want to reveal too much I will stop there!

This will most likely never be released for home viewing, which in my opinion is brilliant.

  1. If people purchased or rented “what is it” they would have a sour concept of CHG. & Would simply not understand!

  2. Someone may try hurting him

  3. It keeps the intimacy, intrigue and eccentricity of CHG

  4. It is a better profit

It almost gives it a turn of the century feeling when spending this intimate time with Crispin Hellion Glover. I have to say he is patient, thorough, and intelligent and did I mention handsome?

crispinnxtina.jpgCrispin n Xtina on Sunday night..

  Is he arrogant? No I felt no stuffiness. Is he shallow? No his soul is very deep! After the Q&A (which on Friday was almost 2 hours & Sunday about an hour), he goes to the lobby to meet each and every guest, sign books/posters/CD, and take photographs. He asks each person where he or she heard about the movie/event/and his work. He asks what each and every person thought of the event/movie. Very personal, very passionate, and sincere.

What I have to say is Thank you Crispin for not kneeling to all the Hollywood hoopla that many of your co-workers have knelt to, thank you for being a true artist and most of all thank you for being a wacky, brilliant, no bars held man. And keeping things so UN_SAFE!


Miss Oblivious
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