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CD Review Rusty Knuckles
By: Michael Rys
A couple of years back Ronia Blake from the Quick and The Dead turned me on to several of her Co-Hort's bands out in Austin Texas and a few bands that rolled through town that impressed her. Trusting her taste in bad ass music I looked up the Crank County Daredevils on myspazz and it was instant headbanging,eyes rolling in the back of the head drooling musical satisfaction... I got my hands on a previous release Kings Of Sleaze shortly there after was blown away. Now I have yet to see the bands live, but the power in their latest release "Rusty Knuckles" tells me that they must leave vapor trails where ever they go. Most tunes are mid tempo bump n grinds,sleazy as a Vegas strip joint, bourbon soaked ode to cheap booze, even cheaper Women ( and the lies they spew), road warring and all things rock n roll. This no fake ass shit either. When vocalist/guitarist Scotty P sings about "Life Under The Blade" you feel the grit in his voice. When guitarist Rory Kelly and bassist Billy Velvet are laying down a flaming groove of hellfire it'll rattle your bones while drummer Mike Irwin shakes your fillings right out of your jaw. Hard to believe these boys boys are form the genteel south lands of North Carolina. When you hear "Back In The Motor City" you'd think they were born and bread in the rust belt listening to the Stooges and MC5. But songs like "Fight" will remind you not so long ago the dirty south nearly won a war, Crank County Daredevils can handle a weapon or two I'm sure. Even when they slow a song down to smoke filled barroom blues style like on" It's Calling Me" the band draws you right in..... I honestly can give you just one song on this 10 masterpiece to pick as a favorite. This CD will be in heavy regular rotation in the car, computer and at work. You need need this record! I'll sum up Rusty Knuckles by saying this is a CD to hate fuck someone to... You know the kinda screw where your pulling the hair just a little harder than you should,nails digging into flesh,primal,noisy,and loud!
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