Permanent War State....
by Ban Tasers
"It looks like Palin, Beck, Sharron Angle, and the rest got their first target..." (-Eric Fuller, shot in knee and back)

"I was amazed and bewildered to find Pentagon officials and paid military propagandists scrabbling to claim Dr. King as a supporter for war-making... It was one of the most shameful attempts to cover these brutal, futile wars in humanitarian wallpaper I've seen in years." ( Robert Greenwald)

"I urge you to once again make clear to the American people that under your watch we will not cut Social Security benefits, raise the retirement age or privatize this critical program. Social Security is a promise that we cannot and must not break." ( Sen. Bernie Sanders in letter to Barack Obama)

"Rock and roll is kind of like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, the way it feels good when you stop." (-Cheetah Chrome)
First headline of the day sez, that cows are, quote, "mysteriously", dropping dead, but no mention of Haarp, or chem-trails. Birds fall from the sky, fish wash up on the beach. Cows fall down dead, but it's all...for no reason? Nothing to do with B.P., or electromagnetic frequency weapons, or geo-engineering, right?

Evil Dick's back in the news, and it looks like he's had liposuction.

Would anybody be surprised if he took power in the next rigged presidential election? Seems a lot like he's never let loose the reigns. Many dedicated liberals are waking up to the Obama ruse. He's governed exactly like Bush/Cheney, with perfect continuity, no prosecutions of war criminals, no repealing of the Patriot Act, no closing of the torture prisons. He raids peace activist's homes, punishes whistle-blowers for bringing the killing of journalists and civilians to light. He's seizing your computers. Listening to your phone calls. Groping your Grandma at the air-port. "No Fly Lists". Indefinite Detentions. Extraordinary rendition's a fancy phrase for "kidnapping", or "disappearing". He even jokes about drones, W-style. A "Democrat"??? Expanding this Top-Secret domestic spying apparatus. Expanding the brutal invasions and occupations. Obama was a puppet for the rightwing, all along. We were all just duped by Oprah Winfrey, a good speech writer, and a bunch of vague slogans. Everybody knows the Bush people SEIZED power back in 2,000. Stole our elections, started nefarious wars, undermined the Bill Of rights-and Obama got more campaign donations from the banksters and C.E.O.'s, and Wall Street, than even that grumpy old man, war-lovin' McCain...Why were we ever thinkin' they were simply gonna hand all that power back to the people? HA! FOOLED AGAIN!! it's sad.

The same Supreme Court, who installed Bush Inc., and openly allows the F.B.I. to entrap people; declared corporations have human rights-not us actual humans; and that law enforcement may kick down your door, with no warrant if one of 'em "suspects" you smoke pot, these creeps are now meeting with corporate C.E.O.'s, and crackpot Fox-Network Disinformation Agents, to help plot still more authoritarianism, all under the blanket and smoke-screens of the Bush/Obama regime's permanent, endless, war on "terror".

The under-appreciated, amphetamine-punk band, Demolition 23, wrote a fantastic song, ten or twelve years ago, called "Scum Lives On", that was actually, one of the last overtly political songs I've heard. It's about how creepy it is, that all the leaders on the left, "mysteriously", die young, but these fiendish Nixon ghouls, run of the mill, war-pigs, and genocidal nazis, live on and on.

We need some fearless truth-tellers, like Abbie Hoffman, Jim Carroll, Stiv Bators, Bill Hicks, Hunter S. Thompson, and Joe Strummer, now, more than ever.

Meanwhile, Steven Tyler's on "American Idol". Mike Ness is combing his hair. Henry's selling spoken-word tickets to tell everyone how he supports "the troops". The grunge and Lilith Fair Starbucks celebs are silent about the police state, silent about the wars. Word has it billionaire train-wreck, Courtney Love's, even been swanning around with John McCain's daughter, Republican Barbie, Meggan McCain. ...Even the once ubiquitous, powerful voice of ole peacenik, Bono's, seemingly, been quelled by all of his over-confident fraternizing with his "new friends". Jello Biafra is like Angela Davis, Noam Chomsky, Medea Benjamin, Cindy Sheehan, Patti Smith, and Nader-they've all been effectively blacklisted from the corporate media. Evil media-emperor, Murdoch, deliberately, sabotaged Myspace, so now, it's a cyber-graveyard. Like Ian Hunter sang, "We're all dead now, in our boxes". Staring at these hypno-screens, leaving bitter rants beneath various Youtube videos, about Natalie Portman, is hardly a hootenanny. Not much of a contribution. Ya know? Real people can't afford to attend those big outdoor festivals. Or over-priced music magazines, imported from overseas. Where can you discover kool underground music kicks? Look for a writer named Ry Crooder, over at Some other hot spots on-line, for real music, by real fans, still worth perusing, include: and

A fun psychobilly band in the tradition of Alice Cooper and the Misfits, has just crawled out of the glamour-gore gutters of Old Hollywood: Cold Blue Rebels stars former members of the purple haired Zeros, Glamour Punks, and Jetboy. Look for 'em!