Conley Chlamydia
Lead Singer of The Ripouts
by Ginger Coyote  

Punk Globe recently chatted with Conley Chlamydia the lead  singer of the Virgina based "Teen Band" The RipOuts about what the future holds in store for the band... We hope you enjoy!

Punk Globe: Tell us about The RipOuts. Who are the members and what do they play?

Conley Chlamydia: Well the RipOuts is obviously much more than me. I just sing. Kevin plays guitar, Toasty plays drums, and the lovely miss Roxie plays bass. 

P.G. :  How long has the band been together for?

C.C. : Must be about three years total...but with the current line up, a year and a half !

P.G. : Have any of you played with other bands? If so who and when

C.C. : No. This was our first band. However we're starting a side project which EVERYONE should check out.

P.G. :  It is so cool you have a female playing bass in the band.. She is good for her age.. how long has she been playing for? 

C.C. : Roxie's been playing bass for about four years I suppose. I wouldn't want another bassist. 

P.G. : Who are some of the band's influences?

C.C. : Well my influences and the bands influences are two quite different things which I'll leave alone. We play music in a similar style to the Prostitutes, the Dead Boys, the Stooges, or the Sex Pistols. However our influences range far wider than that. 

P.G. :  Tell the readers about some of your favorite shows you have played?

C.C. : My favorite show by far was opening for the Queers and the Heart Attacks. The Heart Attacks are one of my favorite bands ever, and it was great to meet them. We see them whenever they're near by. And to be able to open for a band like the Queers is just out of sight. Joe Queer was such an amazing guy. So nice.

P.G. : Do you usually play alot with the other teen bands that played at The Freaker's Ball?

C.C. : Yeah. We play with whoever books us a show

P.G. : Do you have anything out on Vinyl or CD?

C.C. : We have an EP out that's bawls old (available on our site ( and are working on a full length.

P.G. : How often do you rehearse and where do you rehearse at?

C.C. : We rehearse about once a week at Toasty's house. Surprisingly sound proof

P.G. :  Who is the oldest member in the band?

C.C. : Kevin. It's quite tragic. He's leaving for college at the end of August. We don't plan on playing without him. You can't really replace someone.

P.G. :  Perhaps a reputable fill in for shows he will not be able to play.... Are your parents supportive of the band?

C.C. : Depends on which set of parents you're looking at

P.G. :  Any immediate tour plans for the band?

C.C. ; None to speak of. Full time students can't really pull the whole touring thing together often. 

P.G. : Especially when you are still in High School it is tough... Do you watch Televison? Any show you like? 

C.C. : I will say How I Met Your Mother is a bad ass sitcom. Roxie turned me on to that. We suit up now.
And the Twilight Zone is a classic show. Just classic.

P.G. : Who writes your material is it a collective or just certain members of the band?

C.C. : We all write music. It makes for a lot of creativity, disagreement, collaboration, and support. Plus we get a lot of songs.

P.G. : Do you play any instruments Conley?

C.C. : I do! I play a few. I sing (more than "punk" singing...I'm a singer), I play guitar, bass, saxophone (all ranges), piano, and I'm currently teaching myself harmonica. 

P.G. :  Tell the readers about your ideal punk rock show and who would play it?

C.C.: I would have the Prostitutes there. They'd be completely out of place, but so worth it. I'd need an original New York Dolls line up, meaning resurrecting three dead guys. There would need to be some Iggy and the Stooges shit going on. And of course, I would need a time machine yet again so that I could take David Bowie from 1973 and get him too. 

P.G. :  Give the readers your My Space Band Profile address and Website address

C.C. : Our MySpace is
You can reach anyone of us through that site. We have merch there and updates. 

Punk Globe  would like to thank you for the interview Conley . Is there anything you would like to add to the interview?

Conley: There's nothing more appealing than a modern French Romantic poet. And don't ever forget it. Thankyou for the interview.



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