Laughter From Below (EP)
The Compulsions
by Carl Macki

Laughter From Below (EP)
by The Compulsions
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John Andrews -- Guitar
Jon Weber  -- Drum
Brett Bass  Bass
Rob Carlyle Vocals, Guitar

Track Listing

Down on the Tracks
Shake Hands with the Devil
Dance Around the Fire
My Favorite Wine
Howlin' for You
Turn it On

Hard Rock Punk blues mixing it up New York Style, a little bit of reggae thrown in, The Compulsions are one of the best bands that  people outside of the Big Apple have never heard of.

I don't want to compare them to any other band--many have played the sound alike game, with GNR and the New York Dolls on the top of the lists.  Let it be said The Compulsions aspire to a classic, timeless blues sound that speaks well of the entire genre of rock 'n' roll. Listening to them reminds me of the line by Brownie McGhee -- "The blues had a baby and they called it rock 'n' roll."

This album comes at your with no breathing space, like a zombie with arms outstretched fingers around your neck. Maybe they should relax a little bit, have a little more fun, take the rock'n'roll career business thing a little less seriously.

A great band! I'd like to hear more of their music. This is tasty, an apertif.

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