Sebastian Horsely


by Timm Carney


Society in modern America frightens me.
It frightens me that in this day and age someone can be denied access to this country for moral turpitude. 
Moral Turpitude! Who lodged these charges? Mary Baker Eddy? When was the last time some one was charged with moral turpitude? We are going to hell!  The signs are appearing!  Madonna is in the rock and roll hall of fame! Who's next --
I'm sure Madonna is a very nice lady but lets face it rock and roll she is not. She may possibly roll but certainly doesn't rock. 
I blame this all on Nancy Reagan. The bitch got the whole thing started.
Her war on fun is being fully waged now. We are under attack.  The Morally Correct are taking over the world. 
The only good thing I can say about Madonna being inducted into the Hall of Fame is at least she has no morals and if she does she certainly doesn't flaunt them.  Don't get me wrong: our society has sluts but they are all vapid sluts. Britney Spears doesn't have an intellectual thought in her head. She goes shopping and out for big gulps. 
Paris Hilton should be voted into the Vapid Hall of Fame along with all her fans. Fans of what exactly I don't know. 
Did you hear any of her CDs?  I have to admit I did give 3 tracks about 15 seconds each.
The dumbing down and moral correctness is undermining our society.  Where is Mimi Farina when we need her? 
What's going on in our society is bullshit. Barack Obama smoked pot. Come on, he grew up in the 70's,
and was in college in the eighties, who didn't smoke pot? Even Christians smoked pot! If you didn't, you were suspect.
Thank goodness for people like Barney Frank. He has been trying to decriminalize marijuana for years.
SICK PEOPLE NEED IT. Stoners don't go out and get into high speed car wrecks; drunks do.
Stoners can't find their keys. Sebastian Horsley can't come into this country because he admitted to having been arrested
and using drugs. Boy George seems to have no problem crossing borders. Where is the justice in that?
Amy Winehouse is the junkie du jour.  Perhaps it is
England causing all our problems. It must be a plot of Prince Philip's. 
Is he hatching another evil plan in a
tower of Balmoral? Is this all in retribution for 1776?
It would explain George Michael's latest tour. We are doomed I tell you -- doomed!
People don't play guitars anymore they play a computer game about playing guitars! We are turning into mindless spineless jelly.
How much longer until evolution evolves us back to a protoplasm? Is it our future to exist as mere electrical impulses in ectoplasm? Are we to become cognizant aspic? What does Lee Ron Hubbard have to say? Someone summon Sacred Leader Cruise for advice.