@ The Drunken Unicorn
Atlanta, GA
by Bobby Slit



On June 29, Clit 45 was on hand to put on a great show while fans waited to see local stars The Heart Attacks.

Dave, the lead singer of Clit 45, made their set memorable. During one song, he spit out water like professional wrestler Triple H does and got his nasty gob all over a couple of fans.

Later on, the little bastard kicked one very large fan in the chest and stuck two fingers up my nose during one song! When I talked to him afterwards, he said he did it because I “looked like a cool guy” but he worried that I might want to kick his ass later. I’m glad he made my night memorable, even if he had to be gross to do it.

Afterwards, The Heart Attacks hit the stage. I referred to them earlier as local stars, but hopefully when their first Hellcat release comes out in September, I can call them more than that.

Their glam rock look coupled with their love for bands like The Heartbreakers and AC/DC makes for a potent combination. After scorching through old favorites, they finished their set with an amazing cover of “Dirty Deeds”, a song that everyone in the crowd seemed to know by heart.

Overall, it was a great show considering I only spent $7. That beats the Hell out of spending $62 to see Tom Waits.

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