CJ SLEEZ’s new CD ‘Valley of the Shadow’ is a testament to rock n’ roll’s spirit of tenacity and bold determination; In 2001, CJ introduced us to her world of reckless abandon with the release of her debut album ‘Rock Action’ (OPM Records). In 2005, she granted us further exposure to her rebellious lifestyle with the release of her second record “Back from the Brink’’ (Spinerazor Records) and with the publication of her autobiography ‘Poor Little Bitch Girl’ (Manor House Publishing) that same year, she seemed to revel in the seedy glamour and decadence of her own self-destruction. Now, with the upcoming release of her new CD ‘Valley of the Shadow’, on her own successful private label ’Sleez Records’, CJ stands stronger and more stubbornly self-expressive than ever, proving without question, that she is indeed worth her own hype.
Recorded in Toronto by familiar producer Rob Sanzo, this album demonstrates a clear evolution in all aspects of the band’s sound. Musically, the songs are still fast and hard-driving, but with a double-kick drum (which is new to the mix). Lyrically, CJ now speaks with the kind of perseverance, wisdom and resolve that can only be acquired after a decade of heavy experience playing dicey rock bars, working in shady strip clubs to make ends meet and warring with some serious personal demons. Vocally, CJ Sleez is fiercely confident on ‘Valley of the Shadow’ and seems to have truly found her voice. Promotions for ‘Valley of the Shadow’ include a CD Release live show in Toronto (at the Bovine) on Sat. Apr.2nd as well as two music videos (for the singles ‘Back to Nowhere’ and ‘Between Our Hate’) to be released concurrently with the CD. ‘Valley of the Shadow’ is available now at www.cjsleez.com/merch and will be available in stores across Canada and on itunes as of Tues. Apr5th 2011. For more information contact CJ directly at;