From The East Bay Interview
By: Lisa Booth
Punk Globe: Hey Guys Thanks for sparing me your time for this interview, here you get the chance to introduce your self to the readers of Punk Globe . Can you give us some history about the band. How did you get together and how long have you been together as a band? Who is in Civil War Rust?
Civil War Rust: We Drew, Rudy, Ryan and Sean are CIVIL WAR RUST. We are a rock band from the Bay Area in Northern California. We all grew up in the same towns about 1 hour out of San Francisco, we have been playing together for the last 2 years and are recording our first full length album in August of 2011.
Punk Globe: How many albums has the band released and when did you release your latest work? Are you signed?
Civil War Rust: We have a few releases scattered online and on CD. IN early 2010 we put out a CD titled "Right To Remain Silent", It was just a short 5 track introduction into the band! We really just needed to have something to give to people at shows and for clubs to books us. We recorded that with our friend (Riki Feldman) in just a couple days and put it out DIY. In August 2010 We went into SharkBite Studios in Oakland with Ryan Massey (American Steel) and we did another small batch of songs to show what direction we were taking after our first release. 3 songs from that session were put out with Scotty @ Death to False Hope Records in February 2011 and our available for free download NOW! We spent all of July 2011 doing Pre Production with our friend Robbie Kimzey for our upcoming full length album. All of August we are at Nu-tone Studios in Pittsburg, Ca with Willie Samuels. He will be recording and engineering the songs that will become our first full length! We are hoping to have the album done in the next month and we hope to be releasing it in early 2012. We have spoken with a label about releasing the Album. Nothing on paper yet so we do not want to get ahead of ourselves. Lets just say we are super Excited!
Punk Globe: Whats next for Civil War Rust.? any tour currently in process or planned?
Civil War Rust: Once we get this full length out we plan to tour 2012. Nothing is in stone yet but we have a lot to look at and we really hope to be doing some festivals and some long runs all over the STATES.
Punk Globe: What are your favorite live bands you like to go and see? Do you have any fun band stories?
Civil War Rust: We are always going to check out live music, the scene in the Bay Area is wild. We have so much diversity and so many venues its awesome. We went and checked out Dead to Me, OWTH,and Riverboat Gamblers when they came through. Also we have been at a lot of local shows with bands we are helping out when they come through the area!
Punk Globe; You have alot of good bands that have come out of the Bay Area, where do you see yourself in years to come? Would you like to hit it big like other bands such as Green Day etc or would you like to stay local & underground?
Civil War Rust: Anything is possible, we just want to start by getting out of the Bay Area! All the great Bay Area punk acts that broke through to the main stream are fuel to our band. We see these guys from our area that have made playing punk music a career and it is very motivating. As for now we are just grateful for any exposure we are getting !! Tell me a bit about The Bays Punk Scene, Do you play alot of local shows. & do you have a favorite venue you like to play at? any funny tour stories to share?

We play a few shows a month in the BAY. The Bay Area punk scene is great, its always changing and then going back to what it was or what people think it should be. There is just so much great music and also so many great people to work with out here. Since so many great bands from our scene have started here it allows us to dream BIG!

We have been getting great shows over the past year and have been filling a lot of supporting roles for great bands that come through. In the last year we have played with The Flatliners, Dead To Me, Pennywise, Guttermouth, Off With Their Heads and Star Fucking Hipsters to name a few.
Punk Globe: Favorite Venue?
Civil War Rust: We have been playing at Thee Parkside a bunch in San Francisco, that place has the coolest vibe. Great Outdoor smoking area, Cheap Shots,and of couse the best grub! Check em out
Punk Globe: Music influences, Are there any bands that have influenced you over the years to create the sounds you make today. Who did you grow up listening to? Do you have any favorite local bands you like to play with or listen to?
Civil War Rust: We take influences from everywhere, I've heard a few of the following comparisons but don't hear them all that much (Pinhead Gunpowder, American Steel, Dead To Me) Here's a few of our friends bands from the West Coast you should check out (The French Exit, Advocate , Random Orbits)
Punk Globe: Do you drink on stage and get shitfaced - does alcohol improve a live performance or do you save the best till last at the after party!? What do you all like to drink?
Civil War Rust: We drink, it is rumored that whiskey does help out our vocals.Drew our drummer Drinks more than the rest of the band combined. He has to have his "Royal" every morning! Drinkin loosens up everyone involved.
Punk Globe: Whats your favorite thing to do on a day off.?
Civil War Rust: Days off from the band are rare if they ever come at all. I'd say they are spent sleeping off the drink from the night before or digging into more ideas for the band. There is so much oppurtunity in our area we just keep finding new ways to keep this exciting! We love being busy and being in a punk band is more fun than sleeping off a hangover.
Punk Globe: favorite instruments?
Civil War Rust: Playing air horns to Herb Alpert. where can the readers find you to check you out? Punk Globe!, Twitter, and Facebook. Here are our links:
Death To False Hope Records free 3 song download

Video Link
Live at 924 Gilman

Thanks for your time giving this interview for Punk Globe, Good Luck with it all and keep rocking!!