September 2017


City Cop
'The Same Stories That Never Get Old'
CD Review By: James Carlson

Akron, Ohio four-piece band CityCop has recently made available its brand new album. Titled ‘The Same Stories That Never Get Old,’ these eleven CityCop originals carry on with the band’s sound of loose mathy emo grafted to a body of post-hardcore, but with increased chemistry and improved musicianship. CityCop’s members create this sound by employing the use of wild notes and chords on the acoustic guitar, busy and pronounced bass playing, technical yet chaotic drumming, and urgent, emotive vocals which are sung and screamed in turns.

‘The Same Stories That Never Get Old’ is CityCop’s first full-length release since the band’s 2011 album ‘The Hope in Forgiving & Giving up Hope’ (Flannel Gurl Records). CityCop has since released a handful of singles, EPs, and a split with Les Doux. So it was certainly time for a new album.

There are definitely some strong standouts on ‘The Same Stories…,’ especially “The Golden Age of Concern,” “I Took the Ride,” “L’Ansia,” “Bad Trip,” and “Cardinal.”

CityCop’s music will most likely appeal to fans of bands such as Two Knights, Old Gray, Gnarwhal, etc.

“The Same Stories That Never Get Old’ by CityCop was released July 21, 2017 by Small Mammal Records on digital format and a limited run of vinyl.