Review and Pictures By Michael Rys
Detroit punk vets have unleashed a new CD upon the world. And, I mean unleashed because it barks,snarls, and chases ya down the street. Derek Murtagh ( Guitar), Brian Moore ( Drums), Skid Marx( Bass) and the Circus Boy himself on vocals have crafted a fine piece on Motor City punk. Raw and slimmed down sound from the previous effort but the songs are so much better ,not that the effort form a couple years ago was bad. This just takes the band forward a few steps. The production retains all the qualities a great punk record should have but captures the bands live sound very well. Circus Boy ride the line between Johnny Thunders influenced rock n roll to some the UK Subs early work. I also hear plenty of classic Detroit seeping in to like the Stooges n MC5. They do all with respect too... Circus Boy is not a cover band or a period piece.This record shows off each musicians talents with out overcrowding the songs. Derek's guitar work especially shines on the disc. The vocals have grown up a little too and the Circus Boy sounds much more comfortable on the mic than he did on the debut disc.10 Solid as a juiced up linebacker songs grace the new record that any true lover of 70's punk would be glad to own. Some of my favorite tunes on this disc by no big surprise on the ones that jam on the six string the most . She's a Killer,Political Animal,Saturday Night, and Spit On You are the top rippers on this record. Well I gotta go, cant type and pogo at the same time. Trust me you want this chunk of Detroit six shooting punk goodness in your collection.
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