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Fear The Dead / If The Sun Don't Shine
By: Libby Freeman
One more from Christophe, and one more well worth listening to. This time a 45, "Fear the Dead" B/W "If the Sun Don't Shine." The 2nd guitar on "Fear the dead" is decidedly hard rock, but w/ the same sort of outsider folk sound I mentioned in the "Crossroads" review. If you saw the sleeve randomly and knew nothing of Christophe, you might get the impression that this was a rockabilly band. Nope, not at all. The lyrical depiction of a zombie invasion peaked my curiosity enough to check YouTube for a video and happily there was one (directed by Nick Sanford) complete w/ stumbling zombies and Christophe singing from the back of a pick up truck. Very nice.

"If the Sun Don't Shine" is a sweet song written to cheer a maudlin girl w/ promises of "always being here for you when your blue," and keeping w/ the spirit of a love that will defy the cosmos and natural world if need be.