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"Rave To The Grave"
Review By: De Fen
1. Brain In A Jar
2. Serotonin Bomb
3. Sandblaster
4. People Without Shoes
5. Dirty Weekend
6. Voyeur Vision
7. Proxy 449
8. Slave To The Rave
To be perfectly honest, this is the first I've heard from the "ska-rave" genre and neither ska nor rave music are my bags at all. That said, if you happen to like either then this may very well be the perfect release for you. I also wonder what a "China Shop Bull" is. Is it all those BS cautionary tales urging precision of movement one hears when visiting china shops? Or maybe it's a troupe of well mannered bulls who hang out in china shops sipping tea. I'm genuinely curious.

All kidding and musical preferences aside, Rave To The Grave is actually a lot of fun to listen to (if you like skankin' they'd be a lot of fun to do that to too) and I for one am impressed with how this seven piece UK ska-rave group has managed their genre fusion so seamlessly and were actually able to sneak a bit of hip hop in there too. At times they definitely channel Operation Ivy and pull it off. The energy is there and despite my preferences I would be interested in catching one of their live shows.

My top pick is "People Without Shoes" which kicks off with a trombone hammering out what sounds like a play on a funeral march. Very nice touch. The recording ends with the 24 minute title track "Slave To The Rave" which comes across as a sort of "Message To You Rudy" directed towards a crowd that might do well to lay off the double candy back flips . . . or at least start quading them. Who knows. They come across as a more fun loving than preachy lot, which I like. For more info on tours and releases check here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/China-Shop-Bull/45314117868?sk=info