"Blue Roses"
By: Gus Bernadicou
2011 has featured the out pour of Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and, not to mention, the numerous reissues of the Perry Como catalog. For months Jimi LaLumia and I have been putting "release Cherry Vanilla's Blue Roses" stickers all over New York and San Francisco; and recently, we decided to get with the times and start a Facebook petition. Long story short, the ALBUM IS NOW OUT...and for free! Here is the link http://cherry-vanilla.com/news.htm#27
In 1988, Cherry Vanilla and, dance master, Man Parish recorded an "intriguing jazz-edged poetry" album. While this isn't what one would expect from Ms. Vanilla it does, however, provide an interesting look into the realities of her "life." With the sharp wit lashing out of her words, Cherry starts telling her story with age seven ("the age of reason"). Cherry's poems are hidden behind the roars of reality, cries of babies, and chants of the children lovers. It is a tough album to review because every time you listen to it new emotions take over the previous sentimental memories that arose out of the sonic hiss of the speakers during the previous listen. Moreover, the realness of Cherry's poems can have either a negative or positive effect on the listener, the more you think about "...when one lover goes..." the more your will-power is tested. Do I think of good or do I think of the bad experiences? With the drum machine chiming away and voice box shouting, the war of words become entangled in a web of blue roses and at last the listener becomes aware of the simplicity of their wellbeing.
Although the album was been released in 2011, one must think of it in the year it was supposed to be released, 1988. 1988 was the year of cheesy guitar solos, bushy-bushy blonde hair dos and high heels boots; Blue Roses can be appreciated by all none Brett Michael's fans. The album has stood the test of time and, in a weird way, sounds baby oh so nineteen fiffff...2011. In all honesty, could it be Cherry Vanilla without sex? Of course not silly rabbit, in fact, one whole track is devoted to 'bulging pecks.'
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