By: Ginger Coyote
I was able to ask the fabulous and very talented Chelsea Rose about playing with both Bite and White Trash Debutantes... It has been a real pleasure to know and work with her in W.T.D.. I have wanted to interview Chelsea for quite some time now... So all you- Punk Globe Reader - Can also see just how great she is !!! I hope you enjoy the interview...
Punk Globe: Thanks so very much for the interview. Tell the readers all about your band Bite?
Chelsea Rose: Thanks for having me in your great magazine Ginger! So Bite is all about the rush of pure, high energy adrenaline. Fast and furious, leave 'em wanting more's always been our motto. Our passion for rock n' roll and old school punk in particular is our lifeblood, and we get off giving our audience down and dirty, sexy, raw, real doses of it. We've been performing this time around for a little over 4 years. I started this band back in '97 originally, and had a five year run before calling it quits. We missed it as time passed, and thought we could resurrect it better than ever. As long as I'm having fun, and so are the people who come to the shows and buy the music, I'll keep it alive.
Punk Globe: Can you tell me who is in the band and what they play?
Chelsea Rose: Sure. I hold the fort down on all lead vocals, my husband Krazzy Keith Mueller plays guitar, Jonny Trenchcoat nails the bass and Slammin' Jeff Ecker pounding the skins.
Punk Globe: How did you come up with the name Bite for the band?
Chelsea Rose: Originally, we wanted to just come with the most silly outrageous name we could, and after many libations from The Paradise Lounge, the verdict was in: "Big Inflatable Tits Everywhere", which of course we abbreviated to B.I.T.E. Eventually, it got shortened to Bite, which I liked because it reminded you of our edge.
Punk Globe: Who writes your material or is it a group effort?
Chelsea Rose: Usually I write the lyrics, come up with a melody line, Keith interprets it, and the rest of the band contributes their ideas. So it's always a collaboration of sorts.
Punk Globe: Can you tell us some of the bands influences?
Chelsea Rose: Negaive Trend and The Sleepers for Keith, Ramones and The Stooges for Jeff, Black Flag and Circle Jerks for Jon and myself, I've always dug the Dead Boys and The Lunachicks.
Punk Globe: How about your own personal influences?
Chelsea Rose: Personally, I've been influenced by all the trials and tribulations that have gone along with living life in the city. I have always admired the stick to your guns attitude that Lemmy form Motorhead personifies. And you, Ginger, have shown me that perseverance pays. I'd also say women like Shelley from the tribute band Turbo Negra and Teaxs Teri have shown me that women don't have to be catty and compete amongst ourselves in the music scene, we can work together in supporting each others efforts to live out our dream.
Punk Globe: Does any of the members of the band play with other bands?
Chelsea Rose: Yeah, Keith plays in Balls of Steel with Eric Borst, who of course plays with us in WTD. Jeff plays in Snowball, with our old bass player Tim, who did the Canadian tour with WTD.
Punk Globe: Tell the readers about the bands releases thus far?
Chelsea Rose: We just put out our 2nd full length cd "Leave 'em To Bleed" which is available on our website www.Bitesf.com Our first CD "Off The Hook" is also available there. We believe in the DIY ethic, and have released them ourselves. We've also been on various comps including our song "Frankenstein" on Angie Bowie's comp AIDS BEGONE.
Punk Globe: Has the band toured?
Chelsea Rose: Yes, we've toured the west coast, and are hoping to expand and play the East Coast along with Europe and particularly Germany, where we have a fan base online.
Punk Globe: What is your thoughts on the SF music scene currently?
Chelsea Rose: The scene in S.F. needs a kick in the ass! Benders is the closest thing to a scene since back in the day, when The Mab, Nightbreak and Chatterbox ruled. We miss Annie's Social Club, the old CW.
Punk Globe: What are your personal favorite venues to play?
Chelsea Rose: Thee Parkside has a great dive bar feel to it and the people there like Boom and Audra have always helped keep the scene alive.
Punk Globe: Let me congratulate you on being sober for so long? How do you feel it has changed your life ?
Chelsea Rose: Thank you! Just celebrated 3 years April 14th. It's changed my life in that I have connected with my community now by taking an interest in those around me instead of being wrapped up in my own bubble. I can remember and appreciate the shows I play, and playing with a clear head has helped my performance. Instead of being so self indulgent, I think of the people that come to see us and how I'm able to give 110% when the music is cursing' through my blood. It's much like when I first got interested in music , all I need now is the rock 'n' roll.
Punk Globe: Tell us about some of Bite's best shows that you have played?
Chelsea Rose: Some highlights have been playing with the musicians that inspired us. The ones that'll bleed for you. That's where we took the name of our newest cd "Leave 'Em To Bleed" People like Dee Dee Ramone, Michael Monroe, Cheetah Chrome, and Sylvain Sylvain. Shows out on by Scott Alcohalocaust have been great, as well as more personal shows, like my birthday show at The ReTox Lounge this year. and the All Nude Bands show at Transmission Theater.
Punk Globe: Who are some of your favorite bands to play on a bill with?
Chelsea Rose: Kicker, Hammerlock, Fukm, Fracas and Snowball, to name but a few.
Punk Globe: Do you have any web addresses that you would like to share for the readers to find out more about Bite?
Chelsea Rose: www.bitesf.com, they will also connect you with our Facebook and myspace pages.
Punk Globe: What does the rest of 2011 hold in store for Bite?
Chelsea Rose: We will be playing the 2nd annual Retox Rumble, which is a terrific event with hotrods, burlesque, and great bands. We're also happy to be playing The Elbo Room with The Sweet Bones. We will be recording a new ep later this year as well. More touring, hopefully to a town near you!
Punk Globe: Chelsea what is your favorite memory of Punk Rock Patty?
Chelsea Rose: Punk Rock Patty used to always say to legalize marijuana onstage with us. There was one time we were on tour and the van broke down. The band was bitchin' and complainin' and she told os all to relax and try one of her "Special Brownie", lol!That woman had more spunk than most 20 somethings. I miss her.
Punk Globe: One of mine is when she hosted the open mic at Spikes? And of course Punkfest in Portland.
Chelsea Rose: Yes, those were both the sh*t! I beleive that's where I did my first lead vocal live- Elvis Costello's "Mystery Dance."
Punk Globe: Favorite White Trash Debutantes shows?
Chelsea Rose: Wow, well of course The Warfield show with Faith No More last year was a dream come true! As well as playing that awesome venue The Great American Music Hall with a big influence on me, Penelope Houston and The Avengers, The Mutants and of course Jello as mc. Also the gig with UK Subs. Charlie Harper digs Bite now, and that makes it all worth while.
Punk Globe: Did you enjoy meeting Roger Nusic the older guy who played Violin?
Chelsea Rose: Yes, Roger was terrific. It is a bit of a blur though, that time period, lol!
Punk Globe: For us all Chelsea!! How do you feel about KUSF so abruptly?
Chelsea Rose: What happened to KUSF has been a real tragedy, but there are still efforts being made to keep it alive It should be recognized as an institution, for all the artists it helped support over the years.
Punk Globe: Do you feel Pirate Cat Radio fills the void left?
Chelsea Rose: LOVE Pirate Cat! They are trying to make it more than just online again as well. We love listening as well as going on air there.
Punk Globe: Any parting words for the readers?
Chelsea Rose: Stay true to what moves you, and don't worry about trends. Punk is a state of mind and an attitude, so don't let anyone tell you what you can and can't do. If you believe in the real spirit of punk, read grass roots efforts like Punk Globe to stay informed. Get off your computer and get out and support bands like ours and others in your home town. Every ounce of sweat we pour out is for you the people, you help keep the spirit of bands we love like The Damned alive. CHEERS! .