@ The Magic Theater San Francisco, CA
Review By: Gus Bernadicou
Well it's the moment I've waited nearly 6 months for, to see Cheap Trick in concert…It is the most fun that is legally allowed. I've spent months messaging David Frey, Carla, and other people who "manage" Cheap Trick. I'm just a kid, and Robin Zander is my hero…When was the last time some non-fat, gray, old man told him that? Hello, not in the past 20 years. After no responses from any of the parties mentioned above, I try to move on and prepare for the concert. It's funny because I have worked with Paul Zone, Bebe Buell, Derringer, Peter Crowley, and several other people who are associates and close friends of the band, and yet NO response from anyone in the band…it's cool, they probably don't care about me, they have bigger things to worry about (like Robin Zander recording cover songs of Frank Sinatra with a CRAPPY 80's twist). Surprise, surprise… If they cared BUN E. CARLOS WOULD STILL BE IN THE BAND, right?
*rant inspired by Jayne County*
I got into the venue an hour before the concert started, I was pumped and ready to rock. I'm the most hip person there, by far and the most eager to rock out. The sky was cloudy and I was concerned about rain, but I soon realized the gray clouds were occurring because of the massive amount of pot being smoked by the crowd (composed of mainly people 55 years +). I try to recognize people, and then Claire grabs me and introduces herself to me. She said she thought she saw me earlier because someone was wearing a Dolls shirt, but they looked about 20 years too old. We talked, and I mentioned that we were too cool to meet Robin.

The opening band, Fuel, kicked ass. And got everyone pumped, the 90's where rolling but it lacked Johnette Napolitano. I got a guitar pick, which pissed the fans off because I don't give a fuck about Fuel.
Cheap Trick is on next, but I have to pee. Regardless of that, I run to the front of the stage and try to find a spot. The old timers (books in hand) were strictly protecting their spots, I squeezed in BUT barely. "Ladies & Gentlemen will you welcome to the stage….Cheap Trick!"

Everyone screams, and my hands go in the air. The bands kicks out "Just Got Back" and it was killer! Robin hit every note known to man kind, and Tom laid down killer bass work! Next they play "the House is Rockin'," with it's changes in pitch the band rarely plays it live, but they did!! I was rocking' out, and so was everyone else!…and then, the old bitches in front of me (Asian Lady, and Man with Gray Hair), turn around and say "you better stop touching my head," While I wanted to say "stop rubbing your ass all over me," I said, "calm down and have fun old man…" I wanted to punch him so badly…because after that I lost my spot in the front, but oh well. The band then went into "On Top of the World" and once again, I was freaking out! It kicked ass, the band sounded as youthful as ever. And my hands were once again 'accidentally' touching the douche bag's in front of me head. Oh well, I was on top of the world. "Baby Loves to Rock" which has been revived on this last tour was played and Tom Petersson's playing shined! The usual, "Surrender" and "Dream Police" followed and Rick threw out handfuls of guitar picks into the audience. I saw one fall near me, some man stepped on it and wedged his foot into the ground to make sure I don't get it, but I did:).

The bands short set ends, and I was left in shock that it was over. They didn't play anything from the JON BRANDT years, which is a SHAME because some of their best work lies on Next Position Please (1983). No "If You Want My Love," "Tonight It's You," "I Can't Take It," or "Bordlerine." Every song they played was pre-1981 except for "Sick Man of Europe" which clocks in at an epic 1 minute 30 seconds. I had a great time... and to the Asian lady who was in front of me, if you are reading this Robin was pointing at me NOT you. . …They say, "never meet your hero's because you will be disappointed"…

Set List - 08/20/11 - San Francisco
Just Got Back
California Man
Big Eyes
The House is Rockin'
Magical Mystery Tour
I Want You to Want Me
On Top of the World
Baby Loves to Rock
Need Your Love
Sick Man of Europe
Dream Police