Formed on the border of Queens & Brooklyn by "The Cruel Shoes" original members Juliana Brown (Guitar & Vocals) and Ashley Morgan (Formally keyboard and now Bass Guitar) this project has the same heart but is more dedicated than ever.
Chief song writer Juliana Brown lays the groundwork and the arrangements often take on a life of their own... all the different instruments creating a vivid tapestry of sound and thought. Vocals that go from soft falsettas to blood curdling screaming leave you never knowing what to expect. Her Page-esque guitar virtuosity leaves guitar lovers drained!
Coming originally from California, Ashley Morgan brings the rock steady elegance of classic rock melodic bass playing to the mix. Now she's taken a more dominant position stepping up and becoming song writing partner with Julie for their latest tunes.
Pookie Rodriguez, a native New Yorker fills out the live sound especially with her brand of psudo punk overdriven guitar. Chunky power chords and sweet vocal harmonies from time to time give more power and zazz to the presentation of "Chaos & Lace"
Vincent Alva from Peru, South America gives the band a solid backbeat of professionalism and variety. His dynamic range of styles can take us from punk one minute to reggae the next... all with a rock n' roll flair that gels so well with everyone else.
They are currently working on their debut album and expect an early June release. As of early May, having started in late April, recording is already more than halfway complete.
Stay tuned for info on upcoming gigs and recordings!