"http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> "CHAINS YOU CAN BELIEVE IN" ....LAND OF THE FEAR, HOME OF THE SLAVES
"Erupting so many years after the September 11th trauma, this spasm
of anti-Muslim bigotry might seem oddly timed and unexpectedly
spontaneous. But think again: itís the fruit of an organized,
long-term campaign by a tight confederation of right-wing
activists and operatives ..." (-Max Blumenthal)

"Our topic is topsy-turvy: civil disobedience. As soon as you say the topic is civil disobedience, you are saying our problem is civil disobedience. That is not our problem.... Our problem is civil OBEDIENCE. Our problem is the numbers of people all over the world who have obeyed the dictates of the leaders of their government and have gone to war, and millions have been killed because of this obedience. And our problem is that scene in All Quiet on the Western Front where the schoolboys march off dutifully in a line to war. Our problem is that people are obedient all over the world, in the face of poverty and starvation and stupidity, and war and cruelty. Our problem is that people are obedient while the jails are full of petty thieves, and all the while the grand thieves are running the country. That's our problem. We recognize this for Nazi Germany. We know that the problem there was obedience, that the people obeyed Hitler. People obeyed; that was wrong. They should have challenged, and they should have resisted; and if we were only there, we would have showed them. Even in Stalin's Russia we can understand that; people are obedient, all these herdlike people."
(-Howard Zinn)

"A Lot Of People Won't Get No Supper Tonight...A Lot Of People Won't Get No Justice Tonight..." (-The Clash)
So I got this song, "Black Girl" by the Paybacks, from the United States Of Seger, stuck in my head. God, it's catchy. Like Noddy Holder singin' for Wings. Me, and one of my many dead friends, were in the front row of a Paybacks vid, filmed at Spaceland, along with Falling James, and Bob Cantu, a few years back. Good band. Another one of her tunes, "Just You Wait 'Til I Get Home" is every bit as catchy. Just more proof that the Anti-Rock Conspiracy continues to ruin radio for everyone, but the war-mongers, TV note-hitting contestants, and high-fructose mousketeers. 'Damn shame, too. She's like a punk rock Lucinda Williams. She writes for the Metro Times, in Car City. Wendy Chase is her name. Look for her.

The power of the State-controlled media-monopolies, to misinform the general public, is mind-boggling, mystifying. Some establishment Democrats and cable television addicts are so mesmerized by the fake cable tv debate, that they even turn their backs on liberal icons, like Ralph Nader, and Larry Flynt, for being critical of the Obama administration. I find this particularly baffling, because we pretty much all know what Ralph Nader, and Larry Flynt, have spent the past 45 years doing, whereas, the current President only appeared on the world stage four-six years ago. That's the power of saturation marketing. People have abandoned the principles of liberalism, peace, and freedom, to "cling bitterly" to a corporate name brand, that steadily, and effectively, continues to betray their faith. They keep believing in Brand Obama, like an abused spouse, who keeps hoping that maybe he'll change. That's what Obama promised them, right? Change? Sadly, he's a side-show barker, an empty suit, providing cover for the far-right bankers, and billionaires, war profiteers, and police state contractors who created the bright new brand, without actually altering any Cheney policies. He's actually edifying all the fascist neo-con positions. Total surveillance, indefinite detention, tax cuts for the super rich, more wars. We were definitely fooled again.

It's Christmas time, so Shillary Clinton, and Obombya are steeping up their permanent campaigns to massacre more occupied, brown peasants, with their merciless carpet bombings, depleted uranium, drone attacks, white phosphorus, various rendition/torture techniques, napalm---all that beautiful Democracy, and Christ-like holiday cheer, they're exporting, at gun point, to the opium and oil rich, Muslim nations. Besides, these Democrats all understand that non-stop war is healthy for the environment. The media has helped to cover-up all the American soldiers being fed toxic Gulf seafood, and inhaling B.P. burn-pits, cos yippie-yi-yay, the chickenhawks just love their soldiers. Cable Tv-addicted yokels are right to be pissed-off at their government, but for all the wrong reasons. Joe Biden calls Julian Assange a, "High-tech terrorist", but notice how he never refers to Rupert Murdoch, or Rush Limbaugh as, "high-tech terrorists". He perpetuates the same falsehoods as these dangerous, rightwing, big-media, information distorters, and spin doctors, who lie to the people. Few of the American television brainwashed public seem to understand that FIFTY PERCENT of their taxes pay for endless war. Or that ONE PERCENT of the population controls ninety percent of the wealth. Missing zillions, what's it mean? We can't imagine how much money twelve trillion dollars is, but we all know our schools are under-staffed, and under-financed, dumbing down the proletariat, and in inexcusable disrepair. We all know that all too often, when our loved ones are admitted to hospitals, they get sicker, and that these insurance company pills all have ugly side-effects. They don't teach history, or science, or the arts in our public schools. Just basic reading, math, and sports. Lots of local politicians are making a quick buck, selling-off school properties, to make more room for high-end condos. Everything is so fucked up. The war on drugs is America's ongoing race war. You, Paris Hilton, and Joe Perry are allowed to "snort half a Peru", just not those unsightly poor folks, or people of color. Right, Joe Perry?? You go to rehab, they go to prison, and labor for free. The so-called mainstream media ignored Bernie Sanders' heroic stand against the Bush/Obama tax cuts for the super rich. They ignore the ongoing disaster capitalist, man-made, catastrophe in the Gulf. They ignore all the evidence of criminal behaviors and human rights abuses exposed by Wiki-Leaks/Cablegate, to redundantly bull-horn the criminal government's murderous cries to kill Julian Assange, as if, assassinating the messenger, would somehow, redeem the corruption of the State Department, or war crimes of the U.S. military. 'Seen "Collateral Murder"? The American military and the hundred grand a year Blackwater mercenaries, killing civilians, and journalists, for sport, out of spite, and boredom? The Secret Government have given Blackwater thugs a blank-check license to kill. Two million dead in Iraq, still bombing. Twice, they've declared an end to all combat operations in Iraq. STILL BOMBING. They bombed Iraq under Bill Clinton, they continue bombing them, now. Anybody notice how much Hillary Clinton sounds exactly like Sarah Palin? How similar Obama's policies are to Bush policies? Look me in the eye, and tell me these inter-changeable, teleprompter readers aren't mere puppets. Obama's just a decoy duck, a ventriloquist dummy, for the same powers behind Bush and Cheney. Glen Greenwald even asserts that Obama's steady attacks on a free press, and free speech, even exceed those achieved by the Bush administration; and dirty tricks expert, Karl Rove, appears to be involved in the slander of Julian Assange, from Wiki-Leaks. The alleged sex crimes trumpeted by the corporate press remind one of tactics used by Republican operatives in the recent past, and the non-stop drum-beating of their propaganda arm is the same exact playbook used to destroy ACORN, and go to war on the peoples of Afghanistan, and Iraq. In the two Wars in Iraq, the U.S. has already discharged more RADIATION than both the bombs we dropped on Japan! 355 TONS of Depleted Uranium, 1/2 life: 4.5 BILLION YEARS, Obama, obscenely, CONTINUES bombing Iraq, and it's almost 2,011!! This ain't rock'n'roll---this is genocide.

No one likes recalling how Bush and Cheney were installed by the Supreme Court, manufactured false justifications for two criminal wars of occupation, imposed the sinister Patriot Act, upon our nation, undermining both the Constitution/Bill Of Rights, and the Geneva Conventions, protecting human rights. Obama has EXPANDED this entire program. 'Kept all the war-profiteering Bush appointees in all the key positions. Clandestine wars/kill teams are dispatched everywhere, 'drone attacks everyday on poor people in Yemen, and Pakistan. More black-site, secret torture camps at Guatanamo Bay, the Bagram air force base, and beyond. TSA radiation boxes giving cancer to frequent fliers, and airport employees....the humiliating, brazen, Big Brother, sexual-fondling of ticket-buying passengers. The needless, daily, tasering of tax-payers by impossibly militarized, stormtrooper cops...the non-stop eavesdropping on all of our communications by high paid spies from multiple government agencies, and the absolute control of the big media-television, radio, newspapers, magazines, and movies by four corporations. That's the Obama program. Nice, huh? Some "hope" and "change". He sold his peace prize. My generation should remember that we were all taught to fear the U.S.S.R., because of their bombs, State Controlled Media, Secret Police, bread-lines, and shadowy prison camps. We were similarly, saturated around the clock, less than ten years ago, with constant television images of Iraq's decadent, excessive, gold palaces, fit only for a tyrant. We were told Saddam used chemicals on his own people, and that his spoilt sons had their rivals secretly assassinated, raped women, and even tortured people, in shadowy jails, and secret prison camps. Remember? Oh, yeah, and he invaded the monarchy of Kuwait, a violation of international laws. A pre-emptive invasion.

I know there were massive demonstrations against the wars, slanderous persecution and demonization of whistle blowers, and the ongoing domestic-wars, on a free press, and free speech, in the U.S., organized in several cities, for today. I'm under the impression that Daniel Ellsberg, Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin from Code Pink, and Chris Hedges may have been among those arrested, while chaining themselves to the White House fence, today, as well as dozens of veterans, and former F.B.I. officials, but the Pentagon's clenched-fist control of the corporate media has made it nigh impossible to stay updated. Simply put, the corporate media ignores anti-war protests. All they ever talk about are rightwing, corporatist, or "centrist" (rightwing bluedogs in liberal's sheep-skins) events, agendas, propaganda. We have to hear about Palin, Gingrich, Limbaugh, Beck, and O'Reilley's identical talking points, each and everyday, and we are expected to play along, as if Obama is their liberal counter-part, or Jon "Do Nothing, Pass The Beer Nuts" Stewart. Private Bradley Manning, the suspect accused of allegedly, leaking some government documents, including the military's own footage of U.S. forces murdering journalists and civilians, for their own amusement, in Iraq, has been treated like an "enemy combatant", and kept in solitary confinement for nine months, 23 hours a day, with no pillow, or blanket. Julian Assange has been framed/entrapped with some trumped up false charges, in Sweden, obviously, manufactured by the American intelligence community. Limbaugh called Pelosi and Reid "terrorists". EVERYONE'S supposedly a terrorist, EXCEPT for the night raiding mercenary assassins and billionaire talk radio blowhards. Obama's FBI are raiding peace activist's homes, because they say that they, too, are "terrorists by association". Empty suits, Obama and Eric Holder never go after the real (white collar) criminals, or real terrorists, do they? Rightwing talk bullies, from Bill O'Reilley to Michael Reagan, REGULARLY, openly, call for the ASSASSINATION of liberals and progressives, and always, with ZERO LEGAL CONSEQUENCES. American psychos, and far right gun nuts, consistently, attribute their violent crimes to their devotion to dangerous kook, Glen Beck. The American establishment media is owned and operated by far-right, war profiteers, and their no-soul operatives of the Police State and Republicrat parties. I got some over-confident associates, expecting to inherit money when their folks die, money made by working for the war-machine, who keep apologizing on behalf of chair-warmer, Obama's rightwing policies. I really don't care about the glittery personality up front, when the principles of the left have been so devastatingly undermined, and casually sacrificed by totally complicit, sold-out liars, Republican infiltrators, and phony-ass Manchurian Candidates, manufactured by the closed-system that profits from murder, drug-dealing, drug-prohibitions, private-prisons, and NAFTA slavery. Obama and his Republican allies, are giving endless welfare to the richest 1% corporate-pig Americans, while prolonging needless, brutal, occupations, in at least, four nations, where innocent children die, and America's homeless, working poor, underemployed, and foreclosed-on families, go without adequate neccessities, health care, and are purposefully miseducated. I see families living in vans all the time. After killing-off thousands of Mom And Pop specialty bookstores, with their Wal-Mart/Target style greed, corporate giants, Barnes And Noble, and Borders, are now struggling to survive. Few Americans can afford to pay thirty dollars and up, for new books, in the Post-NAFTA economy, hell, few Americans read. Many prefer to get their history from hot-headed, television blowhard, revisionists. The history books in all our schools are thick with whitewashes and military propaganda. It's grim. The MANIC STREET PREACHERS just released one of their most accessible albums in years, but Sid knows you won't hear it in America, unless you have money, or a generous and true friend, who burns you a copy. U.S. radio will not play anything with an anti-war message, like their catchy, beautiful, smash-hit, "It's not War (It's Just The End Of Love)". The slick magazines are full of gutless, trust funded corporate puke. 'Makes it hard to care as much about rock'n'roll, cos there's no real rockscene. Clear Channel owns the venues/ticket agencies/radio stations. They won't play the Paybacks, the Hangmen, Jim Jones Revue, Cyanide Pills, Carbon/Silicon, the Biters, or Manic Street Preachers on the radio, in the U.S.

They just keep pumping out that Godless, wretched, mindless shit, don't they? Night and day. Lies for war, Diddy, Hannah Montanna, Lady Gaga, and fooking Fergie!