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Captain Senisable
A young Captain Sensible

I recently looked at the Punk Globe Guest Book and to my surprise saw a post from
Captain Sensible of the legendary band The Damned..
Feeling a bit daring -- I contacted him about doing an interview, and to my surprise
he complied with my request.

Captain Senisable
A Reunion Captain Sensible with Johnny Moped ..

Punk Globe:
Thanks so much for the interview Captain.. It is an honor to speak with you. Am I correct in saying that you were born in London but grew up in Croydon? Is that far from London?

Captain Sensible: Croydon is ten miles south. Suburbia.

Punk Globe: At what age did your musical talents come forth?

Captain Sensible: First instrument was age ten Bontempi chord organ. Wanted to be Brian Auger or Rick Wright.

Punk Globe: What bands were you listening to while growing up?

Captain Sensible: Brian Auger, Syd Barrett, Small Faces, Egg, Stray, Soft Machine, Groundhogs.

Punk Globe: At what age did you join your first band?

Captain Sensible: Age 11 . My first band was Johnny Moped

Punk Globe: I know that you excel on vocals, guitar, bass and keyboards. Any other Instruments that may surprise us?

Captain Sensible: I'll try anything you don't have to blow. Sitar is fun. Mandolin.

Punk Globe: I had read you were in a cover band named Oasis? Was that your first band?

Captain Sensible: It was Johnny Moped and I played guitar.

Punk Globe: In 1976, you joined the Damned on a recommendation from a co-worker, Rat Scabies.. Who else was in the band in 1976? And what did you play then?

Captain Sensible: BJ, Rat and Dave. I played bass.

Captain Senisable
The Lennon and McCartney of Punk Rock

Punk Globe: Do you remember your first gig with the Damned?

Captain Sensible: First one if I remember properly is Shanne's (Bradley) Uni show where we played on refectory floor and only she liked us. Slept on her parents' living room floor that night - - demolished their drinks cabinet.

Punk Globe: What year did you first come to the USA to play?

Captain Sensible: 1976?

Punk Globe: You have always been the most controversial member in the band both with your politics and the way you
dress on stage.

Captain Sensible: If being against war and bloodshed is controversial, then that's my job.

Punk Globe: I understand that you left The Damned in the mid 80's. Do you care to elaborate on your reasons for leaving the band?

Captain Sensible: Doing solo career and Damned was just too exhausting.

Punk Globe: Who replaced you in the Damned?

Captain Sensible: No, some oiks called Bryn and Roman joined when I quit

Punk Globe: After leaving The Damned, you scored a number one hit with your rendition of "Happy Talk" from the movie "South Pacific." Tell us about that?

Captain Sensible: Recorded it for a laugh - no. 1 within weeks. Very strange but I enjoyed every minute. Never took pop stardom serious.... a ridiculous way of life.

Punk Globe: It was sampled by Dizzee Racals in 2004 in the song "Dream" Did that surprise you?

Captain Sensible: No. He did a good job sampling the girls. They were fab!

Punk Globe: One of your tunes "Snoo Song" was used at the theme music for the BBC show "Big Break".. How long did the show run?

Captain Sensible: I recorded the song for a charity album called "Hunting Of The Snark." Years later it was used for a TV theme.... on the show you mention hosted by a couple of 'comedians' who told racist jokes. I wasn't pleased.

Captain Senisable
Captain Sensible in Action

Punk Globe: You also had hits with some of your other songs during your hiatus from The Damned.. Name a few for us.

Captain Sensible: "Glad Its All Over," "Wot," "Snakes And Ladders."

Punk Globe: Can you tell the Punk Globe readers about Punk Floyd?

Captain Sensible: My own band.... good name, huh?

Punk Globe: You rejoined the Damed after Rat Scabies left the band.. What mad you decide to re-join the band?

Captain Sensible: Rat Scabies leaving

Punk Globe: You also co-wrote the highly praised "Grave Disorder." I bet the band was happy to have you back on board..

Captain Sensible: I think 'So, Who's Paranoid?' -- our new CD is even better. A nice mix 60s garage/psychedelic and punk.

Punk Globe: Tell us about what The Damned has been doing lately?

Captain Sensible: Promoting that record I just mentioned.

Punk Globe: Jayne County told me about the big show that she played with The Damned for the Anniversary of Punk in London.

Captain Sensible: Yes, there was talk that me and Jayne would have an alternative punk wedding (in those days it would have been shocking) as I had some nice frocks in the wardrobe.

Punk Globe: Jayne is very involved with politics and I know that you are as well. You for a long time was a member of the Green Party but you formed your own party called "The Blah Party" Tell us about it.

Captain Sensible: Blair and Bush made me do it with their lies about Iraq's WMD. Same lies we are hearing about Iran and Hamas. TV is mind control in the comfort of your own living room.

Captain Senisable
Captain Sensible loves his Fish and Chips

Punk Globe: You are also a member of the All Star band called Dead Man Walking. Who is in the band?

Captain Sensible: Mike Peters, Slim Jim Phantom and Kirk Brandon currently but a loose lineup of whos available at time. Nice clued up guys. Jim's the nicest bloke in rock 'n' roll.

Punk Globe: Your son Syd is also a musician. Is he in a band now? What are they up to?

Captain Sensible: No idea.... he won't tell me.

Punk Globe: Do you have any favorite bands currently that you enjoy?

Captain Sensible: Stereolab.... El Perro Del Mar.... anything gentle and ambient with a girl singer basically

Punk Globe: Do you have any Internet addresses for The Damned, Dead Man walking and The Blah Party that you would like to give Punk Globe readers?

Captain Sensible: - - can't remember Blah!..... typical me (

Punk Globe: Any last words of wisdom for Punk Globe readers?

Captain Sensible: Support any demo you can against reactionary politics. It's the only chance you have to influence things. Murdoch has his billion buck media empire and you have your shoes. But enough of us getting off our butts can make the bastards take notice.

Punk Globe: Would like to thank Captain Sensible for his time to do this interview.. He indeed is a legend!

Captain Sensible
The picture tells it all..

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